Cocaine ni huru Oregon

Thanks to voters, Oregon will be the first state in the country to decriminalize the personal possession of all drugs, including heroin and cocaine. Oregonians passed Ballot Measure 110, also known as the Drug Decriminalization and Addiction Treatment Initiative, with 59 percent of the vote.All junkies wamehamia portland.

Crazy, the usa is officially the biggest junky in the world.

Liberal policies will finish America

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to get high in oregon you better gotta cash…
You will never get high at vegas, paris , monaco… lisbon…those cities got cash flowing

Crazy ati heroin and crack. Many wazungu wako crack addicts.

Wazungus really hate living. Will there be any wazungus around in the year 2100 if they continue on this downward trajectory? The Bible doesn’t lie when it prophesies that the meek will inherit the earth

Do you know we have a bigger problem with alcohol? Do we criminalize alcoholics? Why criminalize drug addicts? I’m for decriminalization of all drugs. Let’s use that cash to educate kids on how to avoid falling into drugs and addiction.

Alafu unaona @Kanugu kanasherehekea, cocaine si mandizi.

Well it will be a personal choice for adults ata pombe si uji na bado tunakunywa

Portland is where BLM/Antifa declared a 6-block area of their city as CHAZ (autonomous zone). They had over 100 straight days of BLM protests, looting and destroying businesses. They are the ones who started arsonist fires in Oregon which destroyed over 1 million acres and left thousands of people homeless. Leftism is a cancer and Portlanders are at stage V. This disease is what they want for the rest of America. Homosexuality, drug abuse, lawlessness ultimately the total destruction of America. What binds these people is hatred towards their country and fellow citizens.

Sawa tu, but wait for a zombie apocalypse.

Federal law supersedes state law. Many times with these drug crimes, they use federal laws to prosecute you.


federal ferk all negroes in the ass

So you can be arrested in Seattle or california for smoking weed



Mexican Cartels si wanafurahia…anywho, sounds like a good biz.

In theory yes but in reality the normal cop or sherriff will follow the state or city laws coz thats who employs him but I get your point.

This is actually a great idea that was floated by intellectuals including John Kerry. What we need to understand is;

  1. America is the no 1 abuser/ user of drugs. No matter the restriction if one want s access to any drugs in the US they can get it easy just at a high price
  2. By decriminalizing use of drugs, you have saved alot of money used in the war of drugs
  3. You will reduce violence and death due to drug wars since one can access a drug at a safe convenience store.
  4. This will actually reduce the stronghold for gangs since gangs’ main source of income is selling drugs.

There are some issues that will arise with this though mainly being health costs going up. This can be mitigated by putting strict caps on med insurance for drug abusers.