Coasterians and logic

How coasterians brains work.

Sai wameiturn water scarcity political. Guys are citing the differences between joho and muthamaki as the main reason. Of course i know what you guys are thinking -
“How stupid are they, can’t they see people with large amount of balances contribute to their demise?”

One thing for sure with many coasterians is that they do not read and understand. They want someone to come up with some conspiracy theory and trust you me, that they will spread that theory like a bush fire. They love gossip! They are supporters of joki chege by default!

Yesterday i had this mgunya gal(UoN graduate architect) lament something to the effect of power bill,; “naskia this month electric bill will be double the price. Uhuru vile alikuja hapa coast alitumia moto mwingi. Walahi mimi nimesema nikipata hiyo receipt naipiga picha naieka Facebook. Akiamungu tena” i had to laugh.

It’s the essence of her ignorance and fear to reason that her life is commandeered by people around. The reason she turned down my offer to marry her.

To conquer coasterians needs a lot of game plan. Someone with talking power that men can sing about you all day. Bet you heard from last elections that coast was a sway vote block where you talk and they listen. Fellow friends, not just talk, but sugar coast the talk, not curse but lipstick the curses. With this you win the hearts in decades.

[SIZE=3]Dr. Byro is a philosopher, psychiatrist a, musician and lecturer of political science in ktalk University.[/SIZE]


Its a pity that in Kenya, politics determines everything.


Hi doc. What you say about our mpigs leading demos about the shutdown CFS affecting 600 workers and their loud silence about the lack of water affecting hundreds of thousands


Just like I said before watu wa pwani ni wajinga kazi ni kukamuana mkia na kukunywa mnazi


all the political bloggers thrive on conspiracy, any story can be twisted to suit the image they want to portray of their political gods or adversaries cue akina mugo wa wairimu, dikembe dikembe, gordon opiyo, etc thrive on conspiracies


If you want to learn how to relate with people, live in Mombasa.

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Byro, sasa umeandika hii essay yote ju dame alikukataa?


Well said…if most of these politicians have a taste of how social networking(like the one coasterian have) plays a major role in politics, kenyans can have a different perspective of politics in general. What i hate is their incapacity to relate what to listen and what to ignore.

They have a their own agenda. Like, you want votes, mess with your enemies first. Tell people how kenyattas hate coasterians to extent of closing down main port entry… Even worse tell them they want to privatise the port in phases. They will listen! Now, demontrate there’s no drinking water and is solved within a week, no one will remember you fought for their rights. Coasterians won’t because they believe its water part of daily problem.


Dr. Byro is a philosopher, psychiatrist a, musician and lecturer of political science in ktalk University…


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Power of free wifi:D:D:D

And a ktalk Millionaire

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Yani toka mgunya akukatae, mpaka wakereka tu.

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@byro nataka bundles mwitu… Naeza ishi bila maji

Btw leo nmepigia shower pale nyali bridge.

I feel awesome.

:D:D:D:D… Natumia free wifi. Bundles sijui ni nni

That’s spot on, @byro! Dead right!
Our history shows that the Coast has largely been Moe’s inheritance from Kenyatta through KANU! Raila and the Odinga the Senior were non sellers here. Because Jomo played the propaganda card so effectively! He knew that the Luo don’t circumcise! And you know how Muslims are passionate about circumcision. It took the efforts of generally three guys, namely Bamhariz, Maitha and another guy I don’t quite remember his name, to change that narrative. They introduced Coast to the opposition politics. Raila benefited immensely from the death of Karissa Maitha and Najib Balala’s lack of stamina.

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Jumakubafu,kazi yangu utaifanya lini?

Stop tribal stereotyping. These things happen in other regions in Kenya as well.

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i agree. during 2002 elections campaigns when moi fronted uhuru, there was a scare among politicians that all kikuyus will vote for uhuru.
I remember they came with kibaki to nyeri kamukunji grounds for campaigned and karisa maitha sore that he will scoop and carry some soil from nyeri and take to his grandmother who is a mchawi and curse the
land if they dont vote for kibaki. - just to scare nyerians.

This is the opportunity wakanyama never had. Lakini haidhuru, he is a natural architect.

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Kenyans long decided that thinking is too hard a task for them to engage in and left that work to others. Watu wanapenda kuambiwa and yet you can look for reports and get first hand info. Top that with umbea, wanaume na wanawake wote mabinti, kufunga shuka na kuvuta stool kupiga gumzo asubuhi hadi jioni, kukuwa spoon fed information straight from the spinners yarn. Sijui ata why we go to school to get literate if we do not want to look for info. ourselves.

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