Coast Land Scandal in Mombasa

Heads Up

Mombasa ALONE has 49,000 Freehold Land Titles are in the hands of Foreigners …!!.

And a lot more in the entire Kenya Coast Region.
We have many foreigners in this region.
You have to be a Kenyan to hold a Freehold Title.
This happening in Mombasa, Taita Taveta, Kilifi, Lamu and Kwale.

Under the Kenyan Constitution - Article 65
Foreigners are NOT allowed to hold Freehold Land or Titles.
They can currently only hold Lease Titles to a maximun of 99 Years.

And even these provisions should be ammended to a MAXIMUM of 33 years for properly regulated Foreign Investors in keeping with similar practises in other Commonwealth Countries and Jurisdictions

Kenya is slowly being sold off to Foreigners

Your Shareholder Hustler Leadership is busy involved in Graft , State Visits and Political Wars with each other …

Ngombe Kabisa …!! :rage: :hotsprings: