Co-relation between accent and action in between the sheets

People with heavy shagzmodoz accents, how is your life? I have an okuyo friend who talks kikuyu in Enkrish! But the dude’s wife is so eloquent, her enkrish is flawless and she’s super coherent. I always wonder how the two ended up together! They are both rich though, I guess that helps! When you’re wetting a hot mama’s throat with Belaire rare rose hata kama you sound like Moses Kuria, in her ears, you’ll sound like Morgan Freeman. Lakini hawa majamaa hawana kakiru and they have a Kisii accent to booth! Gaki gaki how do you mofos get laid! Ama you spend you whole lives screwing mboches?

The lady found the accent romantic

pesa,bunduki na kuma …three things that are multilingual,hata ikue ni mongolian ama serbian inaongelelewa,lughaa utailewa so haijalishi saaana

Wewe ndo huna kitu. He got her, na uko na? Stay in your lane

If they don’t have the accent, should they date you? Most of these guys with accents and “backwardness” are very hardworking. They have to compensate over what “commoners” deem perfect cool lifestyle.

@Doltress utavumilia my deep Luo accent yawa

Accents are awesome