co-operative bank shenanighans

Personally i think Leo is speaking from a theoretical point of view, what he was taught to say. The reality is very different

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Missed the part where I am supposed to be sued (you might want to edit your post)… I agree with you on the check-off loan system and how various accounts operate. If you are honest it’s not technically different from what I posted. But that’s besides the point! Many people, that have taken loans in this bank, do not know this system exists. It is possible that people who have cleared loans may have some “amount” left to claim, yet no one will disclose this to them.

Christ on a bike!!! You really work in the bank, don’t you? which one? You sound like one loans manager who tried to share this kind of wisdom with me on how I am lucky to be awarded a loan and why I should be grateful etc etc. Just know if you happen to serve me poorly and spout this kind of gobshyte, you will have a sleepless night.

Am still reading the comments

I gerrit. if a big If an employer remits cash during the moratorium period I should claim it because it doesn’t reflect on my loan account. could I tell them to credit my loan acc so as to reduce the repayment period?

They should. Unless they come up with gibberish like co-op did explaining that the balance in the settlement account will protect me from late remittances from the employer.

Yes that is absolutely possible. In that case the loan balance would reduce as a lump sum as there are no interest payments (This is an off-Schedule payment)