.co.ke email address

How does one go about getting an email with a .co.ke email address such that the email is something like [email protected]?


  1. register domain abcd.co.ke
  2. point the MX records to a mail daemon and you are good to go (or just have it hosted somewhere)

Vile huyu kijana Wa Obako amesema.

Chloe kumbe unaelewa hii mambo ya web design…

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wacha zako :smiley:

log on to deepafrica.com

even a kiddo can do it, why not a VE

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register a domain (690 bob per year)and get web hosting (1000 bob per year) hapa


Go to kenic

I recommend Kenyawebexperts.com. The process of acquiring a domain plus hosting is fully automated. Payment is through M-Pesa.

Some people are generally slow.

another internet noob on the loose

lemmi also try this

try sasahost as well. It’s all about registering a domain and getting hosting for your mails.
Lets say you register thevirus.co.ke on your cpanel you can create emails with your domain extensions.

You may opt to use better email client servers like Outlook to access your mails since the default mail clients on the cpanel are normally not so user friendly


Wamenisumbua na downtime sana

buy a domain name e.g thevirus.CO.ke Then ask your host to create an email for you, alternatively, unaeza niona inbox nikusort.

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Get a .co.ke domain and look for cloud emails u can try safcon or pepea

Register a domain with either webspace.co.ke or eacdirectory.co.ke, link your account to outlook.com or get cheap shared hosting at gandi.com and you are set. It will cost you about KES1000 for the domain and if you choose outlook.com (Microsoft) it is free hosting, but if you pay for cheap shared hosting it will be about 5USD to 10USD for a year.