Clueless Uni and college graduates?

And indeed the education system we have was initially designed to program people into thinking like that(not to think). Its not a very old system. It originates from 19th century and was refined early twentieth century and is now at its peak. It was invented when survival of state depended on war and absolute obedience without being coerced by force. This was because people, industrious folk, figured out that it would take 2 people or even three(police or some other brutes) to force another one man to do a task. And the job would still be substandard. Very inefficient. It has never been changed because it serves the purpose of the hegemony.
You can actually program people to behave in an unnatural way if you start doing it at a very tender age.

People complain that graduates cant do shit because all they want is a job. And even at jobs, they have to be told what to do. These graduates have been programmed to follow instruction without fail, follow repetitive schedule, read only what syllabus prescribes, try to pass exams rather than understand the art or the trade(this tests the level of submission/obedience and disinterest at knowledge), never question the teacher, fear the teacher, for twenty years of their development. You cant change them. They are human androids. Or humanoids. They are biological robots. They are meant to be used as a commander would use his troops. Walk into direct line of fire without questioning what you are risking this for and kill without question.

The above method is much more easier. one man can run a whole division of such humanoids. They dont even ask why you command from the back. Even today in most companies, people do things. No thinking about the best way to do it or think about the results. Just follow prescribed manual.

However, there are tradeoffs. These androids cant think and they are not curious about anything. So you have to innovate and then pass it down to them to implement. just give them a manual.
If you want innovative and creative minds, you also have to deal with rebellious independent people. So you as the master will also be equal to them. They will challenge you and sometimes even leave you and start their own thing and you will not make as much money. You will have to share.

And the good thing is, the humanoids think that this is the best system ever created. But you have to program them on this too. By telling them that people who havent recieved the “treatment” are doomed. And by banishing from the table any resistant human. So they give birth to other children and take hem to the humanoid factories. And the cycle goes on.

Why havent you asked your self: What is the purpose of scholarships? All types of scholarships? Humanoids testing also yields some other results. the most submissive and those who know how to follow rules to the letter pass the test. So you take these and train them to be managers. So that they can get the most out of the humans/humanoids that are resistant to the “treatment”. So thats how Helb JAB and Universities work. Secondly, if an obedient humanoid develops too clever tendencies, say creativity, understanding concepts, you bribe it with a scholarship. That way it does not get out there and make trouble. It stays in school to get more “treatment”(undergraduate/masters/phd).

I have recieved the “treatment” myself, but i know how the machine works.


Wewe ni wa akina christopher columbus the explorer?

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Kama zile Chevening Scholarships ni za kuleta hapa watu pro-gay mbaya


Hehe chevening ni wapi?

Red 1 Scarlet is back…

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Mimi habana scarlet

Scholarships to 3rd world countries by the UK govt. The four recipients I’ve interacted with after attending their studies in the UK are all about gay rights.


So where is the solution?

He he he! Hao ni watu wa dep ya HR na IT. Mimi hua sioni like those people think.

I find in my interactions that people with higher levels of education are actually more creative and better problem solvers than those with lower levels. Although I do agree that we should be reaping more from our undergraduates than simply workers.

The solution is not collective. Its individual. Its upon you as an individual to determine your place in society. Its your duty to see authority for what it is. it is upon you to ask why is it that today the parent is no longer said to be a good parent and the state is thought to be(Boarding schools/all day 7am to 10pm collective schooling). Its upon you to teach your children that while you as a parent is an authority who has the best interest of the child at heart, not every authority out there is like that. Other authorities have their own interest. And the world is much wider than what is taught at school. What is taught is deliberately truncated. How comes no one at school ever taught you to identify cartels and schemes in government when you see them? You know they take the natural adaptation(submissiveness of the child to the adult(parent)) and misuse it until the child is in mid/late twenties, and behavior is set. Its an individual thing.

You may find them more reasonable because:

  1. Humans who refuse treatment are somehow alienated from knowledge. They are actually told that you can only learn something at a college or a university(Places for hoarding information). So they are told that if you never went to college forget it. The truth is that you can learn anything outside the system in the twenty first century. The certificate is just a paper to indicate that you are a functioning android and not one of the “untreated” humans. It is not really a measure of skill. Its much easier to gauge ability and the employer can do that in a very short time. The system tries to make dissenters ignorant, and it does succeed.
  2. Because you are a product of the same system therefore you see things from the same standpoint.

labelling and coding is important in the system. I had such a convo with liberal intellectuals juzi as we chewed jaba, men oh men! quite inspiring. as I said then, why should our forces recruit servicemen based on certs kwanza c and above then the matapakas with their certs get walloped in Kapedo by "uncertified"dudes?

Universities and centers of “mass” education have been there longer than the 19th century.

I find them more reasonable because most have been taught how to break down information and use it properly.

How are these dissenters alienated from knowledge which is, as you say, available for anyone’s access in the 21st Century?

Universities serve as centers for collective information on various topics and the provision of resources to utilize the same. It is true that information can be acquired in other ways. However, institutions of higher knowledge offer sanctuaries for better understanding of this information. At this time and moment we cannot sit and wait for and rely on the “rebellious” autodidacts. As the population grows the demand for specialized knowledge also increases which also means that institutions of higher learning become more relevant.

Universities were not what they are today. Schools have been there since Plato, but the kindergaten system is German/prussian military schooling. As development of printing press made information available to everyone. There was need to restrict availablity of information and regulate what people think. When I say rebels I do not mean akina matakwei. I mean most of those who seem not to perform well/not fit in at school. And they are the majority.

There are several ways of acquiring knowledge, attending an education institution is easier and quick. The other way is to gain knowledge through experience. Just because someone doesn’t have have a certificate does not mean he lacks knowledge. Remember the very first person who got a degree was trained by people without a degree

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Humanoid detected.