Club VIP and Sabina Joy are doing very well this corona time.They are ever full of whores/malenye and pussy seekers who are us men - u can sometimes miss a seat even on a week day.

Weekday watu hawaendi job… always full to capacity… its an economic hub by itselfu

Those are hubs where people piss on their future. Sure, nobody is perfect and sometimes its good to “clean eyes”. Lakini watu wa kuenda huko kila siku ama kila wiki obviously have deeper psychological problems.

Audit ikafanywa ya how many men have wasted their future at Sabina Joy alone I’m sure the statistics would be shocking. Two addictions in one place - lanye na pombe.


Pombe au Lanye / kunguru adui ya mwanaume

Njia rahisi ni kuwa displined utofautishe Siku ya malaya na ya pombe. Ukiendea malaya wacha ikue malaya na ukiamua ni pombe wacha ikuwe pombe. Shida hutokea ukichanganya hizo vitu mbili.

You operate on a budget.Sio kuenda huko kila siku,utasota.5k per month is enough budget for poosie,both from malayas and or non malayas.Pombe tuliacha.Fridays only napitianga wines and spirits flani i buy two faxe i litre cans at 720bob (each at 360 bob).720 times 4=ksh2880.Entertainement ya poosie na pombe ya Enigma rarely exceeds 7880 the whole month,hata nikienda job naks.

Your point has hit home. Mbaya! To my advantage I don’t drink. But lanye addiction is taking a toll on me.

Sometimes i go to those establishments for the ambience and to see funny characters.

Tajiri…hii club vip is the same as vip classic hapo kwa corner ya accra rd n river rd? With blue illumination sign?

Hii club VIP inakuwanga wapi?

VIP iko River Road next to Coop Bank

Kama haujui izo danguro let it remain so, you’re saving yourself

Haha tunafanana I go to bars also just for entertainment from funny individuals

That 5k caters for how many non-lanye beneficiaries? Ebu break down the numbers including the individual expenditure items.

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Lanye ni kama ma3. Its cheap lakini service ni shiat, vumbi, bedbugs etc. Girlfriend ni kama jalopy. Its more expensive to maintain lakini its clean, better service, and extremely convenient. Find a low maintenance girlfriend.

I don’t like the disruption of peace of mind that comes with having a girlfriend. Expense hata sio shida. I am introvert mbaya! And top of my priorities is personal space & peace of mind.

Ati weekday watu hawaendi job, last time I was there weekends were always very busy since guys were frre

Kuna siku niliingia SJ nikiwa tei mbaya nikakula mukamba ingine hapo dry fry, shida ikakuwa kila nikienda huko inataka nikae naye tuu

Why would you rawdog a whore?