Clown World

I have a theory. We are living in clown world and the clowns get paid (social media content creators).

I just watched Mr. Beast’s Squid Game video. It was a total waste of my 25 minutes. The video has 561 million views. So I did the math. Assuming that the average person’s life expectancy is 80 (unlikely), that video alone has wasted over 300 lives. Who gets paid?? Mr. Beast and his team, plus youtube. Who loses? Viewers.

I’m not saying that social media is bad. But I have concluded that it is a massive time sink that most people don’t keep track of. Social media can be helpful, even for entertainment, but just like booze, it must be consumed responsibly.

How many hours per day do you waste on social media (including kenyatalk)?? Social media is a double-edged sword.


Consumers always get shafted ; Producers always win. This is the capitalism model on which the world operates on and the sooner you understand that then the better for you.

Action item for you: become a producer and sell to consumers (it could be services, content, products ….just fucking produce).

Preferably, you want to produce/create something that gives consumers the illusion that they could be better than the Joneses. That means UPPING THE STICKER PRICE TO THE MOON.

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