Clown gavana

Look how he was dressed while addressing a national holiday.

Checking how men are dressed is one of many steps to faggotry

Hivo ndio sisi vijana tunavalia. Mzae chapa Kaunda suit yako hakuna mtu atakukataza. These are the fruits of the clamour for democracy.

Sawa kiyana

Seems like hoho is winning the battle against his hairline… I wonder what products he uses.

Hair transplant. Follicular Unit Excision (FUE). Damn expensive but the bugger can afford it.

The dressing is ok with me

Shifo umeanza kukuwa na umama sasa…

Heri 001 than this clown :D:D


Chunishwa skuma polepole

monkey suits are for employees :D:D:Dyou see them walking around ni kama dunia ni yao but they just contributing to someone else’s empire… ama umeona kina bezos an suit and tie of late??

:smiley: Wachana na mbuyu

Joho is v smartly dressed.

its an official event…

Ukoloni mamboleo inakumaliza polepole. What is the co-relation of dressing up in a proper suit,to make an event official? Do clothes alter outcomes? Ama its the precondition in you that every occasion and situation has its dressup? Niko sirias,sikuingilii chief

I recommend this dosage, Decolonizing your Mind, Ngúgí wa Thiongo

Do Arabs dress in suits in such events?

I wonder how much Colombian marching powder would fall out of his pockets if you flipped him upside down and shook him.