wadau is it ok to ask for closure from your Ex

blocked. Meffi post

Move on.

Stupid shit…atakuona weakling mbaya


Closure ni one last entanglement ama?

You’ve been watching too many western movies

Kaa na mamako, you shouldn’t be dating

Hiyo closure unataka ni irrationality, hata most talkers watakutusi mbaya.

You are weak if you are in that position, what are your finances, health and fitness like? angalia hapo na urekebishe.

:D:D kijiji huwa inani jazz

ive tried being stoic and toxic but women just see right through me

watu huku nje naona they are not toxic and stoic and they are not that financially able but unapata they are just magnet to women

That thing puzzles me also
Like how

i think it just comes down to your personality
watu kama @cortedivoire na Ugali ya jana who have personality disorder cant stand a chance

Bro never go back to any ex. There’s a fresh young lady waiting for you when you’ve got your shit together. Ukiwa na njaa bei ni 150.

What unfinished biashara is there if you are calling it quits ?

Unless you are a woman. But Kama wewe ni mwanaume, go to club and nurse your wounds using alcohol then get laid. Toa lock on Sunday then on Monday, you are back in the game looking for a new prey

It depends with the type of relationship you guys had and how it ended

what is done is done

An ex remains a fackmate for all I care. Once I dip my stick in your gearbox it remains a covenant. We can part ways but when situations force us to cross paths we will exchange fluids.