China has cloned 5 monkeys from a gene-edited macaque with circadian rhythm disorders, the 1st time multiple monkeys have been cloned from a gene-edited monkey for biomedical research
Whats your take on cloning?

it’s here to stay and crazy things are coming… #HumanClones :):slight_smile:

si ni hao tu juzi walikua in a fiasco with human gene therapy ferk ups? siezi mind to be cloned though,too bad memory haiezi kuwa implanted,i would re-live my life like a king

Cloning has it’s upsides if the church and other religious organizations that are blindly opposing would step aside and allow cloning, hospitals would never run out of blood, organs for transplant, bone marrow amongst other things.

In 100 years, human cloning will become an ordinary thing. Hii kelele ya kuipinga itakuwa imepigwa teke…Unfortunately, most of us will be long gone.On the other hand, I love Chinese Scientists coz hao apana tambua scrutiny and criticism.

My view on being able to edit our human genes is that we are ignorant of the effect it will have on us as a species in the long term.

A species evolves through mutations in its genome. Now, suppose we had the ability to edit our genes when we and chimps still had the same ancestor some 5 million yrs or so ago. We would have curtailed any mutation in our genes because at that point in time, we would have seen it as harmful. But by curtailing those mutations, we may have never evolved into humans.

We simply dont know our full potential evolutionary speaking so we cant say if a mutation is good or bad

most people believe that the next evolutionary step is in our hands

It could also be in our brains which by the way have been growing larger and larger. We simply dont know what our next step is just like our ancestors didnt know 5 million yrs back

we already have the Kardashev Scale

Bro, that scale is a theory. We are only aware of one humanoid civilization… our own. We have nothing to test that theory on.

If and when we achieve interstellar travel, then we will be in a better position to approve or disprove that theory.

I am against messing up with human genome. There are so many open questions in science, searching for answers which cannot be found for many decades. How can we be sure about all consequences of gene change? This is one huge experiment and humans are now in role of laboratory mousses