Clinton may run against Trump

Hell no, all am saying is everyone should take responsibility and that means bush, tony blair and obama for their policies and actions while in office.

Even obama said that libya was his worst mistake in his presidency. But its his burden to carry as the buck stops with him.

Mjinga sana…she will be oblitereted this time round

George Bush started two wars.
One was an illegal ware based on lies, manipulation of the media and a clear oil grab.(Iraq)
The other was supported by the majority of UN members, endorsed by the US Congress as it was aimed at purging a 7th Century Millitia and capturing a wanted terrorist(Afghanistan)
Obama expanded those two wars to a record 7. NONE endorsed by the UN.None supported by Congress. Obama started the Drone bombing of Pakistan,Somalia and Yemen while arming rebels in Syria and Libya.
He is in fact the biggest warmonger in American History.

If he is indeed the biggest war monger . As a result of the wars he”started”, how many people were killed compared to how many were killed by those started by George Bush?

Jesus!! The Iraqi War under Bush was relatively short. The civil war between Iraqis that followed is not factored in as the US did not exactly pit Shias vs Sunnis against each other.They hated each other long before Bush.He simply removed the figure that kept them all in line. Bush did not arm any of the warring parties that fought except during the Surge in 2006 that ended the insurgency.(The new Iraqi Government was not involved in the civil war between the Iranian funded Shia millitias and the Sunni led Al Qaeda in Iraq, later the ISI then ISIS).
I exclude the Afghan war as that was a LEGAL war endorsed by the UN ,supported throughout the world(even Russia and China) and with legitimate reason. None of Obama’s wars have that distinction.
Directly, Obama’s arming of rebels in Syria has been responsible for 35 percent of the casualties in that war.In essence like 150,000 people alone. Obama is responsible for the 6,000 people dead in Libya during the Libyan civil war and partially for the tens of thousands dead in the civil war afterwards(because he armed millitias that ended up aligning with Al Qaeda.Bush did not arm any rebels or any warring entity in Iraq).
He is also responsible for the levelling of Mosul, where the number of people dead is usually under reported so as to give legitemacy to the fight against ISIS.
Do we need to go through the effect of drone strikes which even though have killed fewer people, have disproportionately targeted civillians doing weddings, funerals and going to markets in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Great. Monday Night Quarterbacking. So you expected Obama to come in to a war , and exit the troops two days after his inauguration.