Clinton may run against Trump

Clinton does not mind competing against Trump for a second time, she says it’s the people who will decide. [ATTACH=full]237295[/ATTACH]

Stupid old lady. Millions of Arabs are dead.

Ako kadem kako kando Kuna movie scene Ali rapiwa bado Mimi huwank nayo

Arabs are the devil’s descendants they simply went home

This time ataona vumbi. The dread liberals and fools had for trump wore off. Ata wenye walikuwa wanasema wataenda canada walijisoma ujinga.

Hahahahaha, but at least the women and children should be spared

She shouldn’t. A very evil lady

Niliona hupendi Trump hata kidogo na kwani una support nani?

Ama nyinyi huwa mnachukia wote?


Hiyo familia iko na greed mbaya sana.

Oh well, when something is wrong, I just say it. I try to be balanced and realistic. But I like Soros and his liberal agenda. But man, at what time did u begin supporting Trump so passionately?

Obama is to blame for that as well.

Unless the democrats change their tact, Trump will humiliate them again… simply talking of how Trump is bad or racist, or does not respect women or does not abide by the global liberal agendas like feminism , LGBTs rights …will not help them…

Uncle Don hii kitu tunachukua by saa tatu asubuhi. This time tunakakamua bila lube. Tunakatia Hadi katakuwa kana hara mucus membrane.
Shenji type.

Hiyo wall ya Mexicans itampa votes za Latina… take that to Equity Bank

Her popularity has plummeted vibaya.

The cost of seeing and hearing former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton — the 2016 Democratic nominee for president — talk about their political experiences live on stage has dropped to as little as $20 on the secondary market “as their 13-city adventure continued to struggle to find an audience,” The New York Post reported on Sunday morning.

On Friday, the best seats at Seattle’s WaMu Theater reportedly went for $829.
That’s quite a drop from the $1,785 that the former first couple fetched when the tour was announced back in early November of last year. Event organizers were then forced to cut prices — and even offer discounts through Groupon to boost sales.

The official prices for Friday’s appearance ranged from $66.50 to $519, The Seattle Times reported…

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Hii round Trump will win by 9am. The house of Democrats is still in limbo and has never recovered from 2016 defeat.

Trump got 30 percent of the Latino vote.Coming second after Bush when it comes to Latino support. Last I checked, Cubans are Latinos but they vote Republican(Why do you think De Santis won Florida??).So do half of Puerto Ricans and so do many Mexicans in Texas, especially in the Panhandle. Hispanos(Descendants of Spaniards who live in New Mexico) also often vote Republican(That is why New Mexico has had a large number of Republican Governors like Susana Martinez).
The Democrat Mexicans are concentrated in California, Illinois and the Eastern seaboard and they all have one thing in common.They are the children born from illegal immigrants in the US. Dominicans and half of Puerto Ricans as well as many Central Americans vote Democrat not because they believe in its ideals(in fact, Latinos are more anti-abortion than any group in the US) but to keep the welfare gravy train going.
Many Mexican Texans are native to Texas, having been given citizenship when Texas joined the US. Hispanos and Cubans do not look any different from other Whites(Think Cameron Diaz ,Marco Rubio, Susana Martinez and Ted Cruz), they just happen to speak Spanish and are thus counted as Latinos.

George Bush gets a pass in your opinion?

She destabilised Libya. Libya was a thriving African nation and she together with Sarkozy killed the president. And I blame Obama for letting her have so much power when she is just a secretary of state.
As far as Americans are concerned I don’t think they have appetite for rejects. I have never seen them reject someone then vote for him as president a few years later so hapo issa no