Clingy Girlfriend.

Wakubwa, drinkers from the golden chalice of wisdom, I seek to engage you.
I have been dating this girl for 2 years now. She is mostly submissive but has quite a temper and can throw a proper fit on her day (kwanza effidense ikipatikana). She does all my house chores and cooks. She also has a job and earns her own coins, so hanisumbui sana na pesa labda hizi ndogo ndogo za kufanya moja mbili kwa nyumba. The sex is regular and good. Wife material kabisa. Now one might ask where the problem is…
I am a young lad and still experiencing and learning how to cope with the pressures of life. After a tough and mentally exhausting day at work, I sometimes just want to retreat to my sanctuary, sink on my couch and unwind. I value my space and peace, it helps me relax.
I realized a few days ago that I am married, how and when mimi sijui. She is always there. My girl has her own place but she is always ever in my place especially as her working hours coincide with mine. Her clothes in my closet far greatly outnumber mine, I can’t even find some of my clothes in there, zimepotelea huko ndani. I have brought a few ladies to my house for a quick lay and the questions are always the same, “uko sure unaishi pekee yako?” despite my efforts za kuficha the obvious give aways.
I love my girl, deep down I know she is a rare kind, more so because of the community she comes from and how they bring up their girls to observe family values and respect for the man. I would not want to lose her yet but I feel she is stifling me with her presence. I am no longer eager to go to my house, our conversations have become rather mundane and I am increasingly getting frustrated. I do not know how to make her realise that I need space for my own sanity ([SIZE=1]and for promiscuity[/SIZE]). Hapa nitasaidika aje wakubwa??

nipe namba yake i need the eighth kid

You are married now nyang’au

:D:D:D:D:D, Thread closed, she will be converted to a single Mother.

Stop being promiscuous. If she’s a good lady and you’re in love, then go ahead and wife her.

You will regret all this nonsense you are subjecting her to when you finally manage to get rid of her and most probably break her heart seeing that she’s innocently in love with you.
After that you will be getting kunguru after kunguru with none of them getting close to what you are having.
If a woman loves you they always want to be around you. I have been married for so many years but up to now the wife has a habit of following me around the house when we are at home.
If I go to relax in the bedroom after some time she comes there, if I go to the sitting room, same thing, if I decide to go out and catch a breathe in the rooftop I won’t last there half an hour before she comes looking for me.
That’s the nature of women and consider yourself lucky if you land one that genuinely seems to love you.

I am not ready for marriage, still too young. I am also not that strong to resist urges to try and climb every pretty young thing I can. I also know if I lose her I will lose a gem.

That’s veeeery true. :smiley:

Who lied to you that you’re too young? If you are over 18, you are old enough. You should count yourself lucky that you found love in your youth. Do you know how many people go through heartbreaks and sometimes never find their true love? I’m happily married but my only regret was not finding Mr. Right sooner. Instead of wasting time and money chasing skirts, you could focus your energies on things that will add value to your life.

Marry her as soon as possible and learn to appreciate her

Njia ya kwa Dr Kitoto, aunt Tabby & associates iko huko …
Umbwa ghasia takataka ya kayole

You dont want that woman. She is not a gem and you know it. Otherwise you would not be asking these questions hapa. Regular sex and cooking is no reason to marry a woman. If your househelp wants to cook for you and wants to fuck you utamuoa? Nkt.

So usiolewe, my friend. Tafuta bibi uoe. And btw, mtu anapiga seti kwa nyumba yako hivyo ako na issues hujawahi ona. Kama hujui kutoa mtu kwa nyumba yako tafuta nyumba ingine uanze kuhamisha vitu polepole.

ngombe wewe

Dr Cupid rudi kwa ofisi yako, hatutaki kisirani hapa

Key is talk explain to her that sometimes you want to be alone and that relationship doesn’t mean you see each other daily

Vile Mathaais amesema

See what people are going through and they consider them problems.

If a girl likes you, she will be clingy. If shes not clingy, know that there is someone else shes clinging on.

can’t relate

You never know what you have till you don’t got it no more

Wakanyaks should tell you how hard it is to get a woman