Climate of east of africa, kenya really have mostly shitty land

[SIZE=5]and the population is only growing…[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]climate map of east africa:[/SIZE]


Ataikue aje, hatuhami

Most diverse

We have decimated so many acres of forests. And we’ll continue cutting them down. The government doesn’t offer people alternatives to charcoal.

Loosing trees and vegetation will be the end of our, what we used to know climate.
We’ve decided to worship money and blame it on economic conditions and the government. The charcoal situation is a real epidemic, true.
If only every building project could include a tree, I mean if you build your shack it should be mandatory to have a tree on your property.
Easy to put the rule but follow up and implementation, Kenyan style. We just don’t think beyond our noses.

Niiiiice. So when are you moving to the Congo? They have lots of green that hides a whoooooole lot of beauty and nothing else.

Our Elders followed this to the letter years ago.

Today’s generation is so lost. And the people leading them don’t want to leave anything behind for there children…

We can change this by planting trees wherever possible.
It’s strange how with all the technology available to learn the effects of climate change, we seem to be moving backwards.
The fight on riperian land was thought to be a step in the right direction, time will tell.

Negros can only destroy. 100s of examples and you talkers still won’t accept it

Climate change and the resultant economic pressures will force sub-Saharan Africans to migrate to cooler places up north in search of greener pastures. However, migration is nothing new and should be embraced as normal human behavior. We are always in the quest to better our lives and the lives of our future generations. We were born to migrate and adapt, or die. Our DNA is exquisitely designed to acclimate into new environments. If Homo sapiens emerged in Africa 200,000 years ago before populating every corner of the planet, why is the idea of migrating such a politically charged topic?

Instead of constantly whining about systems that I couldn’t change, nilidecide kuhama Kenya. The same way my ancestors hamad the Congo basin due to who-knows-what.

Fish is to water as humans are to migration. In short, if a place doesn’t align with your life goals, hama!

But this government isn’t serious.

Look at the recent forest fires on Mt. Kenya government had to rely on private firms to help combat it… Then they recently they just removed the ban on burning mangroves for charcoal, Mau forest constant and illegal logging, the amount of environmental degradation that is happening should scare people…

and the little productive land we have we have subdivided into tinybplots instead of effociently managing it as a huge unit

Alternatives were offered according to this article on the nation last year.

Rotich gives Sh2bn for subsidised cooking gas | Nation

Poor homes will now acquire six kilogramme (kg) gas cylinders with cooking accessories at a discounted price of Sh2,000, down from about Sh5,000 after the government provided Sh2 billion for the subsidy plan aimed at cutting reliance on kerosene and charcoal.

I have no idea if this is ongoing, but every single ministry is coming up with “huge plans” to tackle our nation’s challenges.

Most of these plans always stall, thanks to poor implementation and corruption.

In 5 years time, this nation will be in a serious economic and climactic crisis unless things change NOW. Mark my words