Climate crisis: 50 photos of extreme weather around the world – in pictures

The world is going to hell in a basket.









Climate change is upon us but there does not seem to be any sense of urgency among the relevant stakeholders. In West Africa, people are running away from their farms die to rising temperatures

God is punishing the world because of increase of gay men like patco

I said mother nature doesn’t need humans to help conserve it like the ugly gal Greta Thunberg.

Earth can restore to factory settings ikitaka and kill anyone it wants.

you dont want to imagine 30 years to come

Balance is in the details

And in this case human beings we are just spectators.

Why is it always a disaster when it is the first world flooding? Kenya has experienced flooding almost every year for the last few decades and it is a normal thing

Mt.Etna has erupted again less than 3 years. Mt.kenya saa hii ika erupt shineye wengi wataona moshi. Hii stori yao ya kukimbilia court order haitasaidia yeye.

All lakes along the rift valley have risen significantly over the last 7 years.

A lot more is lost when it floods Losses often run into hundreds of millions of dollars.

And then the climate change lecture will commence :

Minute 5.50

The flooding in Africa is “normal” as it is predictable. Current trends in the West and future trends in Africa have and will be difficult to predict with higher level accuracy. The West also make alot of noise about because they are better planners. Again, I think Africa will experience less flooding but intense desertification. I might be wrong

Human beings are cancer to nature. Thats all

Atleast cnn hawaoneshi vile bonobos hupelekwa na mafuriko sai hao ndio wanalia serikali saidia:D:D…kwanza niliona some woman in Germany akisema this are things that happen in Africa.

How about we melt all the ice?

The world is definitely ending and what you’re seeing now are called “birth pains.” Something big is about to happen, question is, are you ready? @Abba

I want to be found by the beast holding gorogoro ya busaa… I want to die a happy man

Eish read a book. What shows that the earth is ending? These things have been happening for millions of years, nothing new.

Defiant to the end, eh?

Nah. Even as recently as the early 2000s, life as I remember wasn’t like this. Something has definitely changed, even people have become different (for the worse).