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FYI there is no capital city that has ever been builtin the center of a country. Nairobi in Central Kenya does not make sense at all.

Mombasa should’ve been the capital. Or maybe Kisumu because it is next to the pearl of Africa which the British desired.

The British considered Kenya a shithole desert full of diseases and hostile communities.

The British had no intention of building the rail towards Nairobi in central kenya. It doesn’t even make any financial or engineering sense as to why or how the British found themselves in Nairobi!

First of all Nairobi was a malaria infested swamp to be avoided at all costs yet the British not only built the rail to the center of Kikuyu land but they stopped there and made it the center of the British empire in East Africa!!!


Nairobi has no oil, no minerals. It was just a market where barren Kikuyu women came to sell calabashes to the Maasai.

It opened the Kikuyu hinterland which was landlocked and made it one of the top financial havens on earth.

All of a sudden the British started desiring Central Kenya farmlands! For no reason at all. Their target was Kampala but their desire has shifted. Now they want what the Kikuyus have.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


Central Kenya has no oil, no gold but it became the center of the British Empire.

The Queen was appointed a queen while on holiday in Nyeri. There is no land the British fought for as hard as that small patch of earth surrounding Mt Kenya.

They had Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe… yet Central Kenya gave them sleepless nights.

:smiley: This story won’t even air on mainstream media, sijui watu wamechangamkia nini

Quote from ile kijiji ingine:

I will say this for the umpteenth time: the Pandora Papers show no corruption on the part of the Kenyattas. The article above is a classic example of European stereotyping of Africans as corrupt and illegitimate, which is why Uhuru is mentioned in the same breathe as some of the worlds most odious rulers. What of course is not mentioned is that the PP show the likes of Blair, some royals, top businesspeople did exactly what the Kenyattas did. What’s more Uhuru has not used the SPVs created since 2014 when he became president, a fact that is brushed aside casually. The innuendos and stereotypical racist inaccuracies in this kind of articles are easy to see through for those with an unprejudiced mind. Does Jomo Kenyatta really mean burning spear?

Tukuange serious…

Bana dont use God to justify the actions of afew corrupt individuals…

she is 88 years old. not many people in world reach 88 years, she has lived life to its fullest. She has laid a very strong foundation to her family such that they will live their best up to 100th generation. Just pray so hard you can get to at least 50 years.

You might go first.

Ala! Alaaa! Kumbe huku kuna wanaume kama akina johnpombe wako na akili kuliko some Sentas huko kwetu? Eti 3b! That’s chiken feed for a family that has been in bsiness for the last 60 years…as someone has said, salty Kenyans need to blame their gukas who were busy marrying 3rd wives in the 60s instead of investing…even a woman like Orie Rogo died a multi-millionaire because she invested in a 1000-acre farm in Kitale in her 20s when land was dirt cheap wazazi wenyu wakitombana kama tumbili…

Asande sana senator for educating these MCAs.

You are the biggest twat i have ever seen on the forum,why do you think people create shell companies in panama or tax havens?Also tell me of one legitimate multinational that has set up a shell company.Also have you read the constitution on the conduct of state officers?To be a government propagandist on this forum be well read and do your homework,this forum has people who have more education than you

Leo ugali ni kubwa sana. Too big for a one man job. Someburry dusted off all the handles.

@Electronics4u kuna mtu hapa anaita Kijiji yako County Assembly:D:D:D

Copied. Quote:

The BBC lead story is about the Kenyattas and the Pandora Papers. No, not the King of Jordan or the President of Azerbaijan, who sold one of his properties to ‘Queen’ Elizabeth. They must lead with an African to satisfy a racist stereotype. Only when you have read 80% of the story do you get this disclaimer:

"A search of public records in BVI and Panama found that most of the companies linked to the Kenyattas are now dormant, some of them as a result of non-payment of regulatory fees.

It’s not illegal to run secret companies.

The Pandora Papers, however, show no evidence that the Kenyatta family stole or hid state assets in their offshore companies."

Na unaona nyani zingine hapa jumping up and down coz they do not understand how international power politics work. If anybody in his right mind thinks the reportage is mentioning Uhuru and Putin more than the Israeli businessmen in the list or Tony Blair they need their heads examined…



Popcorns. I’m enjoying all this today. First it was utter shock. Then denial. Now excuses. Followed by attempts to link this to DP Uncle Ruto. Sasa even a new standard is being set. 3 billion is too small for corruption. Muonge labda kutokea 30 billion hivi:D.

kibichoo mbloggers at their worst. Problem is hakuna state house hush money to bribe this uk-usa press and foreign journalist to stop publishing the story.

One thing for now on the crony generational thieves are exposed. Mwizi ni mwizi. Let’s this go the full circle today before the other release is done tomorrow.

Lastly we will discuss how the same crony and proxy offshore companies get minority shares on PPP projects locally. Fact is Kenyatta family has been taking over whole industries pushing others aside for absolute control.

Wapi huku mdau? Anyany estate?

Zii ,karachuony karibu na kundu bei

Nilijua hii hautaicha ikupite,you are like those blue/ green flies that hover around shït…but tunajua unapenda hio sekta;):wink:

Kypii tahiri kwanza kabla uhutibie watu.

Tomba yua comment fegget. Nitahutubia straight people only. Nyinyi abominations zingine mkajiingize miti mkunduni. Vipi patco

Kypii wacha kuongea umeffi.