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Acha wivu keihiiiii. Kama kina babu yako walishindwa kujinyakulia acha wivu. Uhuru has done well to steer kenya into the biggest most vibrant economy and democracy in East And Central Africa despite lacking any meaningful natural resources. He has given you opportunities to be like him. It’s easy to cynical but hundreds of millions in the region have not had the opportunities you and your children enjoy.

Unataka tufanye nini ?

Kumbe Muigai wa Njoroges songs are true ?

Ooh Lord. Who bewitched us. Mwizi ni mwizi.

Just like Uhuru you would not be here in Ktalk exposiñg your empty skull kama babu yako angepata level and fair playing ground.

Tafuta pesa. Acha kuwank kwa iron sheet singo room na ndoto za uhuru akikigawia mali ya babake

This family is the worst thing that ever happened to 254.
Oginga shud have taken the leadership at independence, I believe he wud have laid a better foundation for Kenya.
Not this one of Konyagi 1 & 2 , based on corruption n tribalism
Sasa they want to hand over power to Gideon thru bbi

and the biggest thief has been shouting thief! at ruto thinking that he has hidden his massive heist so well it will never be discovered. First his mandatory financial disclosure documents need to be scrutinized to see whether he broke the law by not declaring all his assets. despot demagogue!

huyo mama anakufa lini

Ako 88 so bado ako na 10 years hivi

Makamasi fungua akili kidogo sawa si kua kumbavu kila wakati. Huchoki na kuishi nyumba ya matope izi miaka zote hapo kibera?

I don’t support looters but hii propaganda ni kama imeanguka flat juu $30 million sio pesa mingi to the Kenyatta family.

Hii hata kujenga apartments Kileleshwa bado ni pesa kidogo.

That’s the psychological trick. You know that’s how complex foreign hostile intelligence agencies work. Nobody knows what other details they have.

Wanangojea Kenyatta waanze kupayuka hiyo nipesa kidogo kwao. Then they unleash the floodgates. The wisest thing Uhuru can do is to NOT RESPOND to an amorphous hostile journalism) intelligence agency, which is no doubt infiltrated to the core by their siyayee. John Namu is what Stalin called useful idiots or the fifth column.

Majimbo? Watu wauane wote? Nigeria adopted majimbo federalism look at the problems they have today.

Odinga wanted Kikuyus kicked out of rift valley because with majimbo, go back to your jimbo, your state.

The colonialist govt loved majimbo because it was an effective way to contain the kikuyu who were a constant problem and threat.

Moi liked majimbo because it would help him evict Kikuyus from rift valley. KADU was an outfit funded by the colonialist govt to market majimbo politics.

Oginga Odinga loved majimbo because it would cut off kikuyu wealth and political influence. His fear was that Kikuyus would invade Nyanza the way they invaded Rift Valley. And yes Kikuyus have invaded Nyanza!

Kikuyu life giving, fertile testicles are feared by all Kenyans.

Ama aje Sospeterson @Sambamba Waciuri Wangui?

Waambie wewe unatomba kama panya unajaza dunia . :D:D:D



Thanks Itumbi aka @spear for sharing this informative video.

Brookside makes over 1B profit per yr. So reporting ati the owners have 3B abroad is just sensationalist journalism. FYI helicopters za arrrooorrr parked pale wilson are woth 6B ($60m).

Hata mimi I own unit trusts in a company that has invested in stocks za Apple and facebook hapo NYSE. Will I also be put in the nonsensical pandora papers?

You know one thing you don’t understand is that human beings are very evil. Very dirty and very evil.

The crimes that have bern perpetrated against the Kikuyu tribe are very many.

It started with the Maasai ganging up to exterminate the Kikuyu. God would always step in with something either a disease or just something. Rinderpest and small pox decimated the Maasai who were very ruthless warriors. Samburu especially were feared all over East Africa.

Next came the British and their concentration camps. The British would rip off Kikuyu mens testicles or sterilise Kikuyu women. Including bayonetting Kikuyu pregnant women in the belly. The gulags. Ngai stepped in again. A small band of Kikuyu warriors defeated the mighty British empire.

The British then tried to use Moi to evict Kikuyus from Rift Valley, God stepped in again. Moi tried to destroy Kikuyu finances, God stepped in again.

Jaramogi has tried everything including importing ethanol to kill Kikuyus. Na yeye watu wake walishambuliwa na HIV bila huruma.

CONCLUSION : Kikuyus are a blessed people. Many have tried but failed.

Na bado anakaa strong banae.She seems like.she is determined to go like 20yrs more