Cleanliness next to godliness

Our matriarch, the one and only, continues setting good example and showing us the way. Women should always be clean and well groomed if they want to be accepted into the society of the civilised.

Did the so called general muthoni think she can share a table with our matriarch without undergoing cleansing? Weren’t she informed that sitting next to Mama Ngina is a privilege which must be earned?

All uncivilised kikuyu women supporting Ruto must be shaved the same way.

shindwe pepo!

Humbwer ampee shamba basi awache PR chieth.

Respect our High Priestess

Kuja nikupige njuang’aaaa utulie uwache kusumbua.

Aende zake huyo mwizi jeuri …

Umesema njuang’aaa tosha

I smell sarcasm from five kilometres away

Good morning wamaitù

Nikwega mûno Kuria wa Wairimu