Clean thy eyes




Hapa enyewe there is samzing for everyone:D

Kabisa…Mimi na doc @rexxsimba tuko represented.


Zote napanua

Real hippo bana. I love her confidence. Huyu nafinyaa



Mimi na Yale nimeona !!!,I will never ever praise a cunt bearer no matter how clean, yummy,figurish, well clothed etc the host is.
I dated a fellow workmate early this year and thought of how a good pussy she has coz of her dressing,beauty well endowed and nice English, to my dismay the river flooded very heavily and smelt like rooten fish and my luck she was transferred to westlands coz I avoided her like plague.
Due to my Turkana blood of polygamy descent i dated a contract cleaner who looked plain and shy and i almost went dry fry coz of amazing sex , clean aftermath etc.
Looks critically deceives men

Allahu Akbar

Kabisa … :D:D


confidence inaonekana wapi hapa

Chick no.3 and 4…thumbs up.