Lakin mbona nipples huwa black sana not like the rest of the body?

Kuma nitaelewa juu huwa inanyolewa kila wakati

Swafi, hio ndio specimen walitumia kuunda Samantha

These are what are refered to as homosexual questions. Every human ako na matiti jifanyie research ghassia. Tuwache sisi tuenjoy

Hujawai skia msemo “the color of the lip matches the color of the nip”

Haha, tulia

@Ssess leta bbw. Mifupa ya ni ya @Mbwa

Nature meant the different colour and the pimply feel for groping, half-blind suckling infants, not you!

Thy eyes are now pure


Augumented booty is not my style. Kama hauna,hauna dont force it. The waist ratio to hip is a little bit off

She seems predisposed to suffer from cervical incompetence. If not, natural child birth would not be possible.

God bless you @Ssess , these are the type of women I like slender, and pretty