I read in some very old articles dated 2009 that shell introduced diesel of 50ppm. If this the case… this the same kind of diesel in first world and it will also mean that that jm baraza is really miss informed he always talks ill of diesel availble in kenyan market.
Any insights… bei etc

This is the reason the street muchene says German diesel cars are bad. They ain’t bad your diesel is

Not German, UK. Germans drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road.


So what do yoy say?? You havent answered me… is it true that shell has clean diesel of 50 ppm?

Our diesel is OK. The biggest problem is contamination, mostly kerosene contamination.

I don’t know about shell in Kenya but I know even in Namibia iko 50ppm

Not for some engine specs. Kenya I think tuko 10ppm halafu ongeza wash wash

Shell is a reputable filling station i doubt they will adulterate fuel…@shadow-walker so Koolibah ypu say we have 10 ppm i even doubt if uk has it. All along that kenyan diesel is 500 ppm

Ati she’ll doesn’t adulterate? Hahahaa! Boss you don’t know the fuel distribution chain. Check out the lists ERC releases of stations closed because of adulteration, some she’ll stations feature. Problem is the law forbids a shipper or station owner to transport so they outsource to independent transporters na hapo ndio karata huanza. Though I must say it is minimal for shell because they insist on close quality control having outsourced such control to sgs but bado Kuna wajanja.

The 10ppm quote was off the head no evidence for it. Let me find out and I will give feedback

In Nairobi County, the affected outlet includes Shell Valley Road Service Station found offering contaminated motor gasoline. The station has however been reopened after paying penalties amounting to Sh 1,000,000.
In Kiambu, Kenol Ruiru Service Station, Top fuel and Shell (new Gatundu) service station were affected.

From reliable source:Shell started to import 50ppm this month. Down from 500ppm

[ATTACH=full]68610[/ATTACH] Na kesho Tujaze tank Na v power.

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Looks like 10ppm (referring to sulfur content) diesel is the standard that the EU ascribes to.

From this @hunningale I would aver that JM Baraza isn’t as misinformed as you postulate since ours is 50ppm.

Seems like Shell (Vivo Energy) began this over a year back in response to some EAC guidelines that had set the deadline as Jan. 2015.

@Ka-Buda, your input on this would be most appreciated.

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