? How do western nations control africa

How do western nations control africa ?

Some key ways that Western nations exert control and influence over African countries include:

  1. Foreign aid - Tying financial assistance and loans to economic and policy reforms that benefit Western donor countries. This allows them to shape African economies.

  2. Military partnerships - Providing funding, weapons, and training to African militaries gives Western countries significant strategic security influence. They can affect conflicts, protect economic interests etc.

  3. Exploitation of natural resources - Western corporations, often backed by governments, wield immense control over oil, minerals, agricultural commodities and other resources extracted from Africa. This enriched elites but often did little for common Africans.

  4. Global financial institutions - Organizations like the IMF and World Bank impose structural adjustment programs in return for loans which have required cutting social services, privatization drives and austerity budgets. This leverage impacts economic trajectories.

  5. Political influence operations - Western governmental bodies like intelligence agencies and military have long histories intervening covertly in Africa to manipulate political conditions, protect friendly regimes and counter adversaries.

  6. Cultural power - The dominance of Western media, languages, educational frameworks, Christianity spread through colonialism and missionaries continue to influence African identities and worldviews.

However, in recent decades China, new powers and African agency are reducing aspects of historic Western control and introducing counterbalances. Many critiques argue Western control has undermined African sovereignty and development.

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