Classical music

Anyone else in here who is also a fan of classical music? Lets share songs and build each others music library.

You are alone! Classical music ni ile muziki unafundishwa in a classroom?

There’s a thread where we shared…

a fan, i have a playlist on Youtube for this . but remembering their names ni shida

Great. Meanwhile, an appetizer. This one features @Motokubwa (with the hammers) as special appearance:D


The mother of all classics. Hii huwa naskiza usiku saa nane with all lights off.

I listen to this when I want to fall asleep

This one brings back some very great memories.

Safaricom used it for some advert

Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky… very relaxing

Thanks. The Radetzky Marsch always touches a nerve somewhere. First heard it around 1999 and found it quite uplifting.
The following duet does things to the soul (mine, hehe). I think the ladies must have very resilient vocal chords to sustain the tempo without going breathless. Very catchy; I think British Airways used to have it in an advert around 2000.

Training, technique, talent.

If you like Radetzky’s Marsch then you should also look up Mariss Jansons. Beautiful compositions.

My all-time favourite ni Für Elise ya Beethoven tangu niskie ngoma ya Nas akiwa amesample section.

Thanks. Will search for them

Kuna hii from the boy genius Mozzart mwenyewe .
Flute and Harp Concerto in C, K. 299 [complete]