Classic Lounge near Nyeri -Othaya Junction

At least Nyeri have added another entertainment joint. Night life inabadalika tu.

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Nyeri has no nightlife. It’s just dead after 8pm. The whole county. I once visited the place and found that there’s no place you can have fun at night. But Nanyuki which is 50km away is better and more lively


Very true, watu hutoka Nyeri kwenda Nanyuki. Huku hata taxi by 12am ni tricky but kunabadilika pole pole tu.


Was in that area code last week, hapo white rhino iko club and another 2 decent lounges in the CBD, can’t rem names. And it’s freezing cold at night. Namyuki is far more lively and iko many good joints like Moran, sport man arms club at the back entrance, can’t remember it’s name but it kicks, iko mzungu mingi so Capote can go hunting there

Night life Iko maru A,B and C

Nilikua chuo hapo Othaya hii ilikua place ingine inabo mbaya

But I was told that those places are just brothels

Until Riggy Gee shuts it down …:blush:

I think you’re talking about Downtown Nanyuki.

Iko kwenye banana leaf ilikuwa?

Ibiza iko fiti…if you like them strippers

Zii, iko kwa junction ya kwenda othaya na kuingia ruringu

There is no need to waste your money there. It’s a local joint with little to offer and the threat of audio surveillance, meaning any drunk talk is recorded alongside video footage. A night of drinking might end up being the cause of very expensive litigation. It might remain open just cause it is funded with government loot.