Classic FM Mike Mundu is a talker

Listening to this guy, and Iko some terms he is using, unajua huyu ni mmoja wetu. Ati PNC among many others.

Hizi terms woke elders hutoa reddit or listening to kina kibe type of podcasters

IQ ya elders can’t come up with anything meanigful.


Contrary to what your microcephalic head tells you. Talkers did not invent those words


PNC is a common term used in reddit. Stupid Africans cant invent anything.

:joy::joy: wacha hizo

I thought kibe came yesterday

Ndio nimesema kibe type

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Kifee ako mtaani, watu wa graduate au? How much is his event costing

Avanaa …I knew Ktalk courtesy of him…zile time alikuwa anafanya rooftop shorts