Classic 105 is overrated

Can it be rebranded to some local Kamba radio station and a betting casino at the same time…i listen to the Drive sometimes with Mike and Cess…the woman makes you feel like you are listening to a kamba radio station…then both Kiss and Classic have joined the race to the bottom since waanze betting shiet that all stations are doing. I know they make money on retarded kenyans but radio stations ni kufa zinakufa…i listen to radio now and then when i get tired of streaming my favorite music n pods. Just ranting

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People still listen to radio.


Hahaa, with the oversupply of content

I laugh at these urban radio stations that people put song requests, if so urban why not go listen to the song online


Utashangaa sana! That show Patanisho ya Gidi na Ghost however retarded it is commands a huge following. Kuna watu wako to wired not to move with technology.

Anyway, once in a while nikiboeka na online content me huskiza Mbusi na Lion Teke Teke. They make me laugh.

Station kama Kiss ndio zinafaa kuwa bombed out of existance, nothing unique about them.


Yeah, I listen to radio more than watch TV…can go 2/3 days without watch tv easily, but I like radio. Smooth FM, homeboyz, classic on some mornings etc

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I personally hate Maina’s voice and laughter to the core.


The only radio i listen to is capital fm sana sana weekends.On saturdays akina rick dees and the weekly top fourty na ile soul na reggea ya sundays.Capital huleta feelings za nostalgia za when growing up tukiwa high school.Tulikuwa tunaskiza capital na tule tu fm receivers tudogo na earphones.the only other clearest radio station then was kameme fm na ilikua inachuna clear saidi kushinda zote.
The shows have remained more or less the same despite Capital fm having changed hands.Akina the fuse bado ziko tu ni presenters na producers ndio hubadilika but the capital fm culture has remained intact.Hizi station zingine zote ni bure.Kwanza classic is full of maina kageni wanna bes.Utapata mtu amebuy johny walker black label pale tamasha juu ameskia maina kageni anakunywanga hukothen he will spend the whole morning on monday trying to call and get through to maina kageni in the live show in the morning just to tell him “let me tell you maina,the whiskey was as smooth as a baby’bum and i was seated at your seat the whole time my brother!”.Ujinga ya hali yajuu from brainwashed mofos.


You losers still listen to radio? In 2024?

Personally, I stream Spotify if I wish to listen to music. Unlike traditional radio, I can listen to any song on demand, without intrusive betting ads.

Most of the time, I stream audiobooks, podcasts, or TED talks.

Get with the times, peasants.

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they’re responding to market demand. Mos middle clasas pretenders actually have a harde time hearing english. It costs them a lot of energy to speak in english, let alone hear it. As soon as no one is watching, this pretenders switch to default setting in their mother tongue to relax.

The police is a representative of the normal kenyan worker. They get stressed out speaking in english lakini polisi are more upfront, they outright slap you. For the rest huwa wanameza wanarudi nyumbani na mastress.

So there is no real market for english lanfguage radio outside of a few hundred prtetenders

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True capital Radio uku kenya ndio kusema.
Pia hii si mbayaa.

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Hii Capital extra ni ya wapi elder.

Ya UK hii, iko na sub radio ndani yake kadhaa, tafta app yao ndio natumia. Inaitwa smooth radio

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Uko bundles na Bluetooth mbona usikie radio na Kuna grauchi wake up call.

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You know you are responding to an online forum, right? Hapa si bunge la mwananchi street talk hapo tom mboya statue.

99% of talkers have access to spotify etc. Acha kujibeba complicated sana calling people peasants with free things on the internet.

Eka Plex account yako hapa tuamini wewe ni rich kid!

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Radio is so DeAD!.. i cant rem the last time i tuned in. Kama si Spotify ni mixcrate or plain ol’YouTube

Kwanza topics za akina Maina Kageni hazijwahi change yangu 2008

Huyo jamaa hu manage aje kucheka for over 2hrs. Most of the jokes by mwalimu are stale

I only listen to VOA and BBC…and some other channels from the web.
Patanisho…Classic…Kiss ni ya low IQ bonobos like @MTINGIZA_KITANDA


Spice FM iko sawa


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