A couple months ago someone shared here a screenshot from some facebook group. It entailed a bunch of women narrating their sex ordeals. The consensus was that broke guys were better in bed as opposed to wealthy guys. I happen to know one of the commenters – we were in college together. She was gleefully narrating how some broke dude once rocked her vagina the entire night.

Now, a key indicator of relationship worthiness is sexual discreetness. Advertising your sexual ordeals to strangers signals a lack of refinement. To be classy, a woman must be sexually discreet in the streets, regardless of whether she is a freak in the bedroom.

Elegant women – women with grace, class, and refinement – reserve their sexuality for their partners. And this is reflected in their habits of speech.

Kila dem ni lanye. You either pay directly or indirectly

Thanks for writing a completely useless comment. In the future, kindly confine your comments to topics that are within your purvey. (lanye wa 150/)

What if she was faking the whole thing?

it doesn’t change a thing. Advertising your sexual tastes to strangers is distasteful.

Women have to comport themselves with elegance.

I find it interesting, on how you’ve taken it upon thyself, to be judge and jury on the subject on how lifeforms should conduct themselves. A superior race that looks down upon, with passions of utter disgrace, the mischiefs of those of lower stature than the self.

Maybe, just maybe, minding your own business would give you a healthier spleen, and more verily, better sleep.

saingine tunasema
who cares what women think

ndio nimemaliza kudinya madha ya mkamba maskini illiterate @PHARMACY pale mlolongo for 50 bob :smiley:

Why are you replying to yourself? Scumbag?

Hahaha. @Tauren aka shemale. Who knew you’d rush here to defend your multiple handles. It was already established that you are a he goat.

Kwa nini una andika kisungu kama ya Plato wee msenge

Kuna kitu inaitwa starter pack, broke men never have a starter pack which is money. Women are unconsciously money driven most of them are halfway to orgasmic paradise once massaged with things only money can do… those looking for broke fellas kama @magreb ni dominatrix

angalau uliacha chwani
@PHARMACY will not die of hunger

Hizo analysis zao ni upuss tu. Broke men in any random location will always surpass rich ones, it’s even worse in poor nations like ours. If you take a random sample, utapata around 80% are barely getting by and even most of those considered ‘rich’ are just some random event away from deep financial constraints.

Now you don’t need to be an expert analyst to know that those men men that are ‘good in bed’ whatever this means will mostly be in the 80% category. This doesn’t mean those in the 20% aren’t, but simply about numbers. Plus most men get to the 20% category way later on in their lives when their sexual prowess has taken a hit.

Nini inaeza zuia a young healthy male in this 20% category who eats healthy food and exercises regularly from hitting that thing hadi itoe moshi. It’s only that the ladies in question rarely meet them as they always have options and seldomly chase after ladies, they come to them instead. Huku ocha nmeona vijana, very young, deep into makali, bangi, na tobacco by 11am washadim wengi wanatombewa mabibi zao na wazae juu hawawezi na hawana psyche tena.

That said, the real wealth is health. Even if you’re broke but healthy, you still stand greater chances of slowly building wealth and living a modest life while at it.

And men? Sex should not be a Taboo subject for either gender

men and women are different. Women are attracted to men who’re sexually experienced; men are attracted to purity, youth and beauty.

You don’t want a lanye. You want that innocent curvy teen in a long dress.

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Broke guys have all the time to think and perform sex…loaded guys not as much…me nime balance hapo katikati nabomoa pudesh like there is no tomorrow na bado naamkia mboka yangu

Broke guys have all the time to think and perform sex…loaded guys not as much…me nime balance hapo katikati nabomoa pudesh like there is no tomorrow na bado naamkia mboka yangu