Class, let 142,000 be a constant x is 50.49, 48.85, 0.44, and 0.23 respectively now find Y


Hmm I think if this is the case I need to ask for a refund of school fees from my math teachers. Why are we trying to complicate this simple Grade 6 Maths? I have a Masters degree from the University of Nairobi and have never encountered complications like this.

0.01%*14,200,000=1,420 PERIOD

Enyewe ujinga ni gharama. Simple mathematics ya standard four mnashindwa kusolve hivi siku nne?

Hebu solve mkale

Azimio and their conspiracies:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: offcourse 142000 being 1% of the total votes multiplied by the candidate’s % gives the candidates total. SMH

repeat the same with any number. No wonder the 0.01 blunder if this is the brains assmio has

Hii hesabu ilichapwa backwards

I really hope this is not the kind of stupidity you are taking to sc coz that will embarrass Kenya even more than that cher-error did. Basic maths logic is what you are calling conspiracy :rolleyes: Jesus Christ ! The ignorance!

Kenyans seem to be more dumb than i ever imagined judging by the TV interviews/forums and on socho media. A simple 0.01% inflation due rounding imechanganya watu.

Zis Mazematics is not making sense. Man’s can maintain as much as he likes but no amount of mental gymnastics can fix that dumbassery put in the ether.

You are as dumb as @kush yule mnono

:D:D:D:D:D…babuism + brain cells= Syntax Error.

Wuuueeh don’t include everyone in that stupidity. It’s majority of *Azimions:D:D:D who would want us to believe in the practicality of such an absurdity.

Very soon naona watu tukibadilika kutoka Republic to an Idiocracy kama uyo jamaa amekubaliwa kuzalishana.

Rushia mi tender banae.

twitter ya kenya imejaa the shallow brains of the Republic who will rather troll and deface your name than accept facts. Arguing with them may degenarate your IQ by double digits rather ukubali yaishe.

Wajinga wamejaa Kenya walai. 0.01% ilikuwa error ya rounding off na watu wanakuja hapa kuonyesha ujinga.


wale watu hupeana advice ati “keep things simple” ndio hawa wanasumbuliwa na hii hesabu :smiley:

McKunyi tulia