Class 5 pupil caught with a machete in school, he was planning to attack another pupil

Wednesday, 01 September 2021 – A teacher from one of the schools in Western Kenya cornered a Class 5 pupil who had gone to school with a panga.

The naughty pupil had hidden the sharp panga in his school uniform, ready to stage an attack that could have turned deadly.

He was planning to attack another pupil after a dispute but the teacher foiled his evil plans.



:rolleyes:Thanks God guns are not so easily available here otherwise we would have parkland school scenario repeatedly

Another one…
Video -

Friday, 03 September 2021 – A chilling video of a pupil who brandished a knife in one of the schools in Western Kenya has surfaced online and left Netizens in shock.

The pupil went berserk, removed his shirt, and threatened to stab fellow pupils for unknown reasons.

He had gone to school armed with a kitchen knife tucked in his uniform.

A teacher who attempted to restrain the furious pupil was almost stabbed, forcing her to watch helplessly as the pupil caused drama in school.

This demon spawn shouldn’t be allowed to live .

Says @Chinja