CJ's Advisory

In kenyan politics. Supporters argue that affirmative action is still needed to counteract continuing bias and prejudice against women and minorities. Opponents argue that these policies amount to discrimination against other minorities, such as two third gender policy, which entails favoring one group over another based upon racial preference rather than achievement, and many believe that the diversity of current kenyan society suggests that affirmative action policies succeeded and are no longer required. Supporters point to contemporary examples of conscious and unconscious biases, such as the finding that job-seekers with poor-sounding names may be less likely to get a callback than those with rich-sounding names, as proof that affirmative action is not obsolete.
President UHURU KENYATTA MUGAI should stat an Executive Order that "discrimination because of race, creed, color, or national origin is contrary to the Constitutional principles and policies of Kenya "; that “it is the plain and positive obligation of the kenyan Government to promote and ensure equal opportunity for all qualified persons, without regard to race, creed, color, or national origin, employed or seeking employment with the Federal Government and on government contracts”; that “it is the policy of the executive branch of the Government to encourage by positive measures equal opportunity for all qualified persons within the Government”; and that "it is in the general interest and welfare of the government to promote its economy, security, and national defense through the most efficient and effective utilization of all available manpower.

Where the kenyan Government being led by His Exalence the president should come up with a formatives plan solution of two third gender that CJ Maraga I’d demanding.

1.Where my opinion is either they appoint people to fill the gaps
2. They use nominated political aspirants to fill the gaps
One thing that am sure can not happen in our Nation is going around telling people of the republic of Kenya to vote for a woman /a man .
Regards Darwin Moseti Gichaba research
On gender initiative
Kindly consider this .

Isn’t CJs directive binding? Every argument after that has no head or tail.
In fact, the courts already gave the 2/3 directive in 2015 and were ignored.
Time for discussions and consultations with “stakeholders” is long gone.

What now do you is supposed to be done .?.. Since the case has been raised.