CJ Maraga Follows 14 People on Twitter. 11 of Them are Nasa Damu

In total, Maraga follows 16 accounts.

Institutions (2) - iHub, Law Society of Kenya (Luo Society of Kenya)
Willy Mutunga - for obvious reasons
Other individuals (13) - 10 have the typical names of Nasa supporters (sorry for being tribal). A few of them have made it clear on their bio that they are Raila damu, one is a well known Nasa lawyer.

Says a lot about his view on Kenyan politics.
It is common to mostly follow or like people you agree with politically. Says a lot why Maraga and Mwilu’s comprehensive judgement was like an Orengo press conference.

Tuambiane ukweli, this SDA man is out to ensure Raila becomes president.


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iebc and Jubilee are 1 item… Look at the suggestions when you open iebc handle!! :D:D:D


Lame analogy.
Twitter is simply suggesting you follow accounts your followers follow.
Pretty sure I can have Uhuru and Raila on the same suggested list.

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Own goal!

The jubilee propaganda machine is working overtime right now trying to weave brainless conspiracy theories. Nimeona ata buttscratcher is now pretending to be religious asking for prayers.


Are you new on the internet?
Let me assume you are and explain.
When you follow someone, you click that follow button deliberately.
Suggestion list is simply Twitter bots working.

You know the lake god does not believe in God. So I understand where you’re coming from.
Let’s wait for Baba to attend the next funeral on Saturday.

The tomato eyed one is comedian

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Let me confirm.



Twitter’s account suggestions are based on algorithms that make personalized suggestions for you. You may see suggestions based on criterion such as:
• If you’ve uploaded your contacts to Twitter, we’ll suggest you connect with those who already have Twitter accounts.
• If someone has uploaded their contacts to Twitter, and your email address or phone number is included in their contacts, we may suggest you follow them.
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