CJ Interviews: Prof. Makau Mutua

I posted one long post inapita. Sijui kama admin ndio shetani au Mediatek, so I will do it in successive posts

Obviously the most engaging interview. I told you the issue of his refusing to acknowledge Uhuru as prezzy will come back for his tail.

Listen to Prof. Ojienda, “Why do you keep referring to him as Mister Kenyarra (sic)” Hapo sasa ndio jamaa akianza dense ya kativoi, the kitu mboy emerged and the tweng went akianza Ndemocracy Sijui ooh he is the de jure and de facto president my thoughts not withstanding"

But the melancholic recollection of his life as an exile was quite touching. Tears were somewhere in his eyes as he narrated how he was yanked away from his family as a young man and had to exist on the goodwill of good samaritans. Yenyewe mboy amekipitia, ukiona vyaelea vimeundwa


The guy did only three years of study and still HELB gave him a bill of 140k. (one of the technicalities that had him thrown out).
A legal eagle and scholar the dude trained ICC prosecutors. The go-to guy on matters human rights internationally, commissioners were quoting his articles.

ee … alafu???

He will only be thrown out because of technicalities or political issues not comptence I mean he isn’t in the same class as Shiny eye Wanja Julius (is this gal a lawyer even? Who the fwuck allowed her in?)

He may not end up as CJ, but that won’t change the fact that he’s an exceptionally brilliant man who has achieved amazing feats.

The court

The mofo is incompetent!

His fate was sealed long ago. JSC are just interviewing him simply because it’s a court order. It’s a waste of their time. Ata uhunye akipelekewa majina matatu arecommend kwa mbunge sidhani anaesa peleka ya hii nyang’au.

Hakuna cha majina tatu, ni moja tu, lakini pale JSC Uhuru ako na ma mboys who will make that one name count

Ile arritude he pulled on Bett was evident he knew this is a Ruto dude. While referring to others as Commissioner or Prof he called him Mr. Bett. So already Bett, Gichurus na Githu hizo ni kura za Jubilee

Definitely they can’t and they won’t recommend his name. They are also wise enough to know the reaction of the president towards the nominee.

He has an immature habit of ‘demeaning’ those he dislikes by lowering their title. Not CJ material, since the courts are full of learned friends, my Lords and your Honours.

The same disdain he employs with Mr. Kenyarra