Civil Servants Kujeni Hapa

Any civil servant supporting bbi in its current form is THE BIGGEST FOOL OF ALL TIME!!! You will be sacked to accommodate the increased no. of MPs. Remember wage bill must be managed as per the IMF directive. You will be the sacrificial lamb. Ogopa politicians!!!

Is there anu sane Kenyan who supports that document anyway?

Relax. No job loses. Uhuru has told those foreigners to shut up and not to lecture kenya.


Mimi ni mkulima, civil servants kujeni apa, According to Jaweed et al., (2018) 96% of elders in Ktalk are civil servants.

Good luck with that!

Same thing Moi told IMF in the 90’s before he was thoroughly shafted and everything went to the dogs.

If indeed they signed, do not blame them because it is obvious that they signed while the pliers were on the balls… i would have done the same… let us wait for the referendum…

How can a beggar tell off the givers?

This is just PR he cannot bite the hand that feeds his government and by extension himself.

I am a civil servant …and I hope my position is very needful in the service to just scrape it off

When did goat herders began being classified as civil servants? Maragoli warrior stick to ur line Of breeding goats and donkeys

This man is adept as PR, when he breathes fire on the war on corruption… Wueh wacha tu.
Pure talent

Everyone will be fuccked

Abraham Shikwekwe also known as @Abba is 52 years old and works for the ministry of education as a teacher. @Abba is also a member of COTU and Atwoli is a distant cousin to his uncle’s third wife therefore according to Abawanga traditions him and Atwoli are related.

@Abba is also a member of KNUT and he has said that as a teacher he supports the BBI. Ni nini tena mnataka kuskia? Kama @Abba ameikubali who are you to go against the teachers of Kenya?

You take seriously whatever mlevi gatheca says? Isn’t he the same fool that kisses ass akiendea loan?

Apige kelele tu. There is nothing to be saved anyway:D:D

Sarcasm noted
Yea, right! Ni kuwika anawika mtaani tu. He is a “beggar”…very soon atajua who is boss

You cant lecture nobody when you walk around with a begging bowl.

Moi said similar things in public whilst in private he was on his knees begging IMF for any amount of money to prevent the economy that he looted from totally collapsing.