Civil servants dash for Covid-19 jab amid salary threat

Unvaccinated workers risk being denied access to their offices, says Public Service PS Mary Kimonye
In Summary
• In Nyanza region, most public officers who are yet to receive the jab asked for more time.

• The police have been complaining of logistical challenges in delivering the vaccines to some places.

Civil servants across the country are in a panic as the 14-day window to have them take the Covid-19 jab ends on Monday.

Public Service PS Mary Kimonye said civil servants who would not have received their first jab by deadline risk losing their salaries, benefits and allowances. They could also be locked out of their offices.

Hio jab sidungwi mimi.

Is that step they are taking legal, denying people their salaries because they haven’t been vaccinated ? maybe there are factors which can contribute for someone not having the vaccine but it doesn’t mean that people don’t want the vaccine.
hi serkal imezidi bana.

Bretton Woods insists on it

Whatever global plot there is with covid-19, .ke is following the orders of the plotters to the letter.

mamako ata dungwa…
meffi wewe

Pale kwa pépé le peu hakuna kuingia supaa bila certificate

Soon hakuna kusafiri inter-euro ofyo ofyo after masharti ziwekwe july 1st

Hio ni kionjo,there’s more yet to come,grab your pop corns

yeah i have gone through that. whilst coming to Kenya last month. i had to get that done prior to getting to my 1st destined transit in Addis Ababa and the ticketing desk asks every passenger to produce that coivd bar code like that. when i reached msa, the 1st desk is a guy with an equipment who asks you for it, he scans it and then he lets you proceed to the covid certs desk, then to the immigration entry. some1 behind me had his scanned but it wasnt giving the info correctly, he had to fill in the covid form on the spot.

i guess thats what EU is bringing in as “covid passports” ?

@Wanaruona ,I told you sindano lazma, illuminati Apana mucheso

The main difference between barcodes and QR codes is one of physical dimensions. Barcodes can be scanned in a line. … QR codes, on the other hand, add another dimension from which information can be written and scanned. Instead of a single line, these labels can be read both vertically and horizontally.27 Mar 2017

Man gets QR code tattoo which shows he is coronavirus-free, and uses it at McDonald’s:

No that was different, this one is for travelling per sé. The other one you had to get tested first prior to travelling. This one is for vaccination. Meaning,no airtravel and crossing borders,period. The tests are just that,tests

ahaa ok i get you, bado hapa 3rd world hatujakua vaccinated yet, mwanzo they are after old age then they’ll come to younger us.

naomba tu tupate hizo vaccines atleast when times comes to travel, you are done already, you can air travel etc.

buda got vaccinated, mathe mpaka sasa anakataa:rolleyes:

Mimi niko kwa jua kali self employed. Huko hakuna hii upusi ya chanjo. Besides that hii ni kenya unapea Nurse 20k. Anajaza form chanjo ume meza.

Why not take the vaccine for…free?

Do people get an affirmation that they are vaccinated? Ile shida inakuja sasa ni kudigitize hio info…QR code app for the vaccinated,meaning people will have to re-do it at a fee. Too many ramifications mtu yangu

This is the Mark of the beast. 666 is already here. Jesus Christ is coming soon

Not in high risk category, no underlying medical conditions, unknown long term vaccine side effects, may have already had gotten covid and have antibodies etc etc

i think there is a digital covid certificate / card that has your vaccinated info and which jab you got, either pfizer, sinopham , oxford/ astrazeneca, sinopharm, moderna, sputnik vaccines.

some relatives in UAE have had their jabs and have their vaccines cards with them, it comes in form of like an ATM card with that QR code on it.

Ubarikiwe chief.