Civil servant strike

Ten of thousands in the public service of France have taken to the streets to protest against Macron’s reform plan. They include train drivers, nurse, teachers among others.(France 24)
France has a public service that employs over 5.4 million persons. This is about 18% of the 30 million available laborforce. On the other hand, Kenya has about 720,000 civil servants out of the 20 million laborforce(KNBS). That means Kenya governments including counties only host about 3.6% of Kenyans. Still, we have a shortage of teachers in some areas yet we have over 200K graduate on TSC waiting list. A visionary government should ensure that the public sector grows to about 12-15% translating to about 2.5 million employees.

You’re a real visionary…

Madness. The current civil service is bloated.

3.6% a shitty hole country

Tunaunda equivalent ya Airbus, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Michellin, Panhard etc etc pia? Ama tu bora percentage ikaribie ya France?

Two things:
Are you telling us of the French Civil Service strike
You want Gatheca this copy Macro’ and employ your outta job ass just because he runs the gaament?

And three,Gatheca visionary? Seriously?

No sir we dont, but our wages differ too. The civil servant will earn based on our GDP. Our GDP per capita should be used to determine the minimum wage.

That is a shit-hole economy kabisa

Really, where we some classrooms with 90 students yet they are designed to handle 40.

Strikes like those in France are teh cause of the problem. Teachers get overpaid; how can you employ more teachers when everyday they demand more salaries? Furthermore, the governmnt should not own schools except in exceptional circumstances. Give every Kenyan a voucher and let him educate his children in whichever way. Schools are useless.

It is not. That is a narrative from the thieving elite, wanaiba pesa na wanadanganya eti hakuna pesa ju tumeandika watu wengi sana, while a woman is walking around with money in sacks which can pay 20,000 clerks for 10 years.

First, I was informing you about the strike to show you trade unions and industrial strikes are present around the world . Second, the news made look into the French civil services and realized it was quite expansive. I thought developed countries have tiny public sectors but I was surprised. So, would it not be better to follow the steps of developed nations as opposed to making trips to those countries to stretch hands for loans.

And three,Gatheca visionary? Seriously?

He is, did he not want to build five Stadia? People have visions but taking steps toward realization is the problem.

True, adding a million workers with a minimum monthly wage of 30K would amount to 360 billion per fiscal year. That is possible for government to achieve considering they’lll also tax the money and the employees will spend on goods bringing indirect taxes.

na vile nimekuja mbio nikidhani ni hapa kwetu pale community au harambee av

In France, strikes are like a cup of tea. Very common.

the government is borrowing from local banks the money private sector should be borrowing. killing our private sector. It is not creating employment. they want the informal sector which has been denied access to credit to create jobs. io ushuru wanataka wakatoa wapi?

Teachers demand more wages based on the economic situation or rather inflation. It is logical if bread and flours prices go up then you need more wages to get by.

Furthermore, the governmnt should not own schools except in exceptional circumstances. Give every Kenyan a voucher and let him educate his children in whichever way. Schools are useless.

Privatization would make education very expensive esp if govt is paying. Go to a private hospital and say you’re using NHIF, the will hike the price.

Its better to pay teachers those increased wages, with will spur economic growth at the grassroots (mwalimu ako distributed vizuri kila village kenya) Than use the same amount to benefit a few tenderpreneur who will not release it to the economy

Ndio hio, kama tungekuwa na wafanyakazi wengi tungekuwa sawa. Walimu na waiuguzi huweza kugoma juu ni wengi hizo ministry zingine juu ni wachache haziwezi goma kwa urahisi.

I think that is where we are going. The government will be allocating money per student, not per facilities or other variables. then you can take the child to a private school and top up the difference. Public schools and hospitals and security is being killed slowly. The government will even be utilising private armed security form G4S and other multinationals.