City man arrested after butchering wife in Embakasi

A man suspected to have killed his wife on Sunday morning has been arrested.
The man issuspected to have killed his wife in Transami area in Embakasi following a disagreement.
Witnesses said the body of the woman was found by neighbours in the wee hours of Sunday morning.
Police cordoned off the scene after members of the public wanted to lynch the suspect who was later taken to Embakasi Police Station as investigations begin.
The killing comes at a time the country continues to witness increased horrifying cases of murder, some involving couples and university students.
Two weeks ago, Ivy wangechi, a medical student at Moi University was hacked to death in broad daylight outside the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) by a childhood friend turned-stalker.
Another woman, who is currently nursing injuries at Karatina sub county hospital, was stabbed 17 times after a domestic quarrel with her husband.

this killing spree is a red alarm of some more serious issues bedeviling people.

Serious issue is that schools are opening and the man spent all the money gambling so the woman had to sleep with another man to get school fees for their kids


Wewe umelala na wangapi ama reach ooosbunt alikuwacha

Wewe umelala na wangapi ama reach ooosbunt alikuwacha

Bibi wako amelala na wangapi juu ulimaliza doe ya fees kwa SPortspesa Umbwa Hii? If you gamble in SPorrtspesa instead of a real CASINO you are too poor for me. Gambling isnt meant for brokeass people. Its a leisure activity for usually old reach . Not as a way to make money but as a leisure activity can your retarded brain understand that?

The only way to end this culture of slay kwin kukamua beta is through sending them to their maker.

The married couple

DCI Truman has already completed investigations

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