City Mall Nyali

They have chased Nakumatt Supermarkets like a burukenge. This death of Nakumatt is slow and painful. Ata KQ kama sio serikali wangekuwa style iyo iyo. Nothing is too big to fail


Their space will be filled up with various supermarkets. Already naona Quickmart have really come up, some impressive store hapo Eastern bypass just before the Ruiru roundabout from Utawala

“Nothing is too big to fail…” Life’s lessons. Well put.

They refused to sell shares to the government and public.

Irony right there. Carrefour is posting Kes 4B a year. Nakumatt must have been sabotage.

If am to venture in retail chain, then
Mini-Mart is where I will invest. These effectively competes with the kiosks in the residential areas, and also take a jab on the Supermarkets.
Mayuu huwa zinaitwa convenience store.

Hapa Naksvegas Woolmart wamejipanga sawa sawa kwanza ile branch ya huko westside they have really stocked up plus a nice parking for fiegos

why are their things thrown out like this every time. is it too hard for them to store their hings?

Wapi the black inichukulie cheki maneno hao?

Wapi the @Theblack anichukulie cheki maneno naona hapo?

Ruaka and Thindigua pia

Nikipita hapo nipite na fresh fri moja ntaulizwa kweli .?

The Eastern bypass one is superb hakuna mambo ya stairs @FieldMarshal CouchP and very spacious .Nice one.

Watchie ako chonjo but giza ikiingia watchie turns to shiny .kwanza ataji saidia na 16 speed CVT all terrain black mamba aka ‘‘mountain bike’’

sneaky reference

Write your reply…The fall was imminent ,hiding their financial reports, money laundering

I ferking love capitalism.

Na chef Gio cc. Shahidi

Nakumatt wanang’olewa styro ya Simmers, but they ought to know by now and salvage inventory before this kind of shit happens.

Nanyuki set the trend.

4B is fishy figs, mah nig.