Citizen TV wanakafunga hii wiki Wadau

A 30 second ad on primetime costs about a million per primetime. (Per day)
I have counted about 20 such different ads.
Some are as long as one minute.
Each primetime hawa citizen are raking about 20 million. If the do so for the next 6 days…
Do the math.

Wueh kumbe media iko na dooh hivo…shieeeet…

A while back Inooro walinigonga 50k per 30 second advert between 8 and 9 PM na sikupata sales. I ran the advert for three days…no phone call…nothing. Hapo nilipata character development. Then I used peanuts on OLX and got phenomenal results. I learned a very important business lesson.

Tv advertising is overrated and extremely expensive.
It does not guarantee results coz of the very short timeline. Coupled with media greed which brings too many diffrrent ads in quick succession, your ad is likely to be easily forgotten by the target audience. Unless you pay for frequent appearances.

KRA wanakula ngapi?

Kwa ivo hustler analipia hii ~4m

Aand where is the Raila ad…rao previous elections alikuwa na ads moto sana

No idea.
But probably the usual corporate taxes.

16% VAT.

Nilifanya hesabu nikaona TV adverts favor large corporates sio mkulima mdogo kama mimi. Hiyo 150k per day is almost 55 million per year before they negotiage a better rate maybe 40M per year. Kwa company like Equity, Safcom, ama KCB making billions, hiyo budget ni peanuts.

Who buys your products?

Mostly regular people e.g teachers, nurses, cops etc. The typical person with a payslip.

Ruto analia media bias na anakulisha sk macharia 3 million daily… Pesa inarudi kwa campaign ya azimio … Si angepeleka huko Kass fm…

Bonobos mnafaa mjue TV ni ya marketing not sales.
Ukisha jua the difference between sales and marketing utajua which medium you’ll use to push your product(s) or brand

And brand awareness.

Inooro is a very profitable unit for Royal media as well… Recently discovered that they charge 30-40k for their funeral adverts which they run for like 30 seconds each with the funeral segment being like 3 hours long every night January to December

kumbe unauzanga herbal medicine dagitari wanjohi kutoka gachie?

SK ni Mbirrionare lakini maepitia mengi

Hii ni microfinance najua, unapeana loan?

Sio microfinance. Microfinance sio ya wakulima wadogo.

Ni nini basi unadvertise mkubwa