Citizen tv via Viu travel has seen an opportunity

FB_IMG_16838739032488946.jpg A package for single mothers is here. A business opportunity in the booming single motherhood population


It will flop because single mothers have low self esteem.

Its like organizing a trip for single men. No single man would attend.

Society sees both groups as losers and its extremely difficult to get losers to congregate if you don’t promise them that you will solve their problem. People do care how others perceive them and no single mother will want information leaking that she attended a single mother’s trip, event, etc.

No man wants to be seen that he can’t get laid and no woman wants to be seen without a ring.

You catch bees with honey. You finesse single mothers using rich men and incels using hot women - what they want but can’t have :D:D

Good deals non the less

Are they tagging along the watotos?

Dead on arrival. Kina Jayden, Liam, Jabali na Tanasha watabaki na nani? Kama kwenda clubbing wanapea watoto piriton overdose sasa kwenda coast for three days sii lazima wauwe watoto kwanza?

Soon enough they will be a significant voting bloc.

There’s no bad publicity. I didn’t know view travel existed until today.

Travel interests za wanawake hukuwa funny sana. There’s nothing remotely exciting on there. Lakini most women are lame, vain and materialistic - and marketers already know that.

Hapo broke single mothers wanaenda tu for opportunities to whip out their second-rate iPhones and snap pics for the Gram while sipping corked wine, watching the sunset. Reminds me of brown skin damsel @Azor Ahai.

If had been for single parents both mothers and dads it’d have been proper because kina kevo would pick a kid from their single mother sisters to tag along waende wakakule ma single mothers kwa bush

watalipiwa na baby daddies, vile viutravel wangefanya ni kupeana discount for a nanny . hapo kila mtu ataenda , jioni awache mtoi na mboch akalimwe miti hoteli ingine

Tomba kikuyu mijinga :D:D

Hio hoteli wanalala unaenda unabuy soda chance utapigwa chipo uingie mkia