Citizen TV news anchor Hussein Mohammed quits

Veteran Citizen TV news anchor Hussein Mohammed quits the Royal Media Service-owned station after a decade.

Where is he heading to?

Personally i dont watch local githeri news… CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, Fox or France 24… so no change on litmus strip.

You are a typical self-hating black.

And also a clueless mzungu wannabe, myopic youthman

Says the fellow who has totally refused to leave Europe and go back and build his homeland Kenya.

Unaona umefika?


He is tired of routine. It’s growth.

Hata amechelewa he was supposed to leave immediately Jeff was brought on board…

Welcome back Patco. Many people here missed your talkative character.

Yeah nimefika my niga. wanna join me?

K24 wamemwaga pesa


Those are just Gtheri media run by wazungu and a few arabs

@digi iko kazi Citizen. Waambie wewe ndio kusema KTalk. Ma Breaking news ndio zako.
Tuma CV ghaseer. Na usipeleke Click baits zako huko.

Asante chief but mimi ni humble servant

If he is heading to NYC, he is done.

I have lately rediscovered KBC news lately. When I seat down to watch news I want news and not 4 to 6 items in Nairobi and Mombasa and then call it news, bull shit. KBC has a minimum of 10 news items from all over the country.

Hao ndio Wachira Waruru anata huko.