Citizen na wsr

Watching Citizen TV lunchtime news and seeing main news talking about Rais William Ruto addressing UN, then the second item is Naibu Rais Rigathi launching affordable Fertilizer…

Guys, when God does it, He will use your enemies and haters to broadcast your success…

By that logic, God will also use you to broadcast your enemies’ successes.

fertiliser ya nini na mvua imefail ,doesn’t add up

It’s raining here in Njoro

Ata mvua ataleta, be Patient

nasema since the planting season ishapita na mvua iligoma mahindi Iko stunted haikui…

They broadcasted it for free

In the aberdares/Mt kenya system, rains are not expected until mid October.

Tagged has been good to you too maam

:D:D:Dmanze kenya kuna upuzi someone may actually believe this

Our two first ladies are prayer warriors. We shall pray for the rain