Ciru is a red thigh woman?

People now claim Ciru, wife to the legendary actor, marehemu Charles Ouda is a RED THIGH woman. They claim her first campus muindi boyfriend committed suicide. Her fiance, Saliva Vic, also committed suicide. And now Charles Ouda…another suicide.

Red thighs are a cursed people who were born as a result of an incestuous sexual intercourse or born out of a taboo. To the Kikuyu people when one is in a mourning period you are not supposed to have sex. It’s a taboo.

In a very simple language: a woman with a RED THIGH(kiero gitune) is a child(airetu a ciero ndune) conceived during a mourning period. That is, if a husband and wife are berieved then they engage in sexual intercourse before the burial and the wife conceives, the child born is of a red thigh. It is believed every man the red thigh born woman get into relationship with must die mysteriously. Is Ciru a red thigh woman?

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none sense chieth from a illetrate fool who only saw school kwa viusasa


Acheni hii upuzi

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Just like Ihuoma in the Concubine…

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It also refers to a very beautiful light skinned woman who leaves a trail of very dejected simp boyfriends who she dumps for alpha males

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Some elders won’t like this…unawakumbusha heartbreak moja wazimu.


Siro ndune ndio hii hapa.

mkamba dem alini show kwao pia if as a woman you sire a child after one of your children has already given birth.

What skin condition is this?

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red thigh…noma sana

Agwas naskia mama yako ni red thigh woman

Hii ni kaswende, but the op has a point . Nyinyi elders pretending to be learned coz you went to school to cram stupid white homosexuals culture you are the bottom barrel paupers , ukiskia kitun kinasemwa take caution ,I lost a friend who fucked a Kikuyu woman with such problems… we were warned but we thought ni upuzi until when he died of accident. The successor also died and his successor. Before dry frying a woman repeatedly enquire first

Elder leta hekaya so tht we learn to walk where giant failed. You know dating is like a landmine, the escape is so real until you get blown up

Kuna wanawake Huwa na mikosi sana ya dating, ukidate ukulekule unadedi , I saw one . As I said she is from a very prominent sapere family with vast resources. She dated high value boys including my pal and he died . Men feared a certain mbbbbbbaruya guy working at their premises though he could take the challenge akamwanga ndani speedy wakazaa but alilamba chini months later the same way , accidents. Huyo Dem ni msupuu baby face and filthy rich yet hakuna hata chokora inamjua inaeza jaribu upuzi ya kutaka kukula .

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Angekuwa red thigh woman ungekuwa umesha kinai juu niliwai kukudimbua ndiasa aguok aguok