Circumcision reason Bukusus majority voted Ruto and 2007 were inclined to kibaki

I was born in a community in which physical circumcision is of great value so much that a person who is uncircumcised, or omusinde, is not likely to live in their midst. They are likely to pounce on the person and have him circumcised forcibly. The Bukusu people are guilty of the sin of discriminating against other communities on the basis of circumcision. And yet the way they carry out the practice traditionally is evil, demonic and abominable to God. Is circumcision of any value or relevance today? Perhaps in so far as medical science is concerned, in which case it should be conducted by a professional surgeon. Physical circumcision was of spiritual value when the Law of Moses was in force. But, since the death and resurrection of Jesus, the circumcision that counts is that of the foreskin of the heart, done by the Spirit of God. What is important is to be a new creation in Christ Jesus. That’s precisely what Apostle Paul taught. Galatians 6: 15. The Jews had the same attitude towards other communities until Paul put things in order. He said that he who was circumcised by the time of his call should not seek to remove the marks, and he who was uncircumcised by the time of his call should not seek physical circumcision. For, what matters is to keep God’s commandments. So, please, stop swearing in the name of ‘bakheba’, or circumcision, and embrace the Gospel of Jesus. And embrace, love and appreciate all communities irrespective of their cultural or religious practices, for they were made in the image and likeness of God.

to think…baba yako alisweat for three minutes just to unleash an idiot upon the universe… smh

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You are talking as if there are men who aren’t circumcised :flushed:

Malizaa hiyo nyoka. Ua kabisa. Bado inasonga.

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