Circumcision is unnecessary

Kama si kwa sababu ya mila yako au dini lako, circumcision is not worth it. From a medical viewpoint there is no benefit of being circumcised. So far, the only benefit I have received from undergoing the process is not having to deal with smegma, which is easy to take care of if you shower every day. Kama ningekuwa jaluo ama jamii jingine I would not have gone through all that pain. Anyway, what do you think, Ktalk?

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Idiots come in superman costumes with Feminazi propaganda

@Superman wa Nairofi = @Tiriitiondo
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Ulitaka kubaki kiiihiii? :smiley:

No, I only underwent circumcision because it is practiced by my community. Even if I was to be regarded as a kiiihiii mpaka niage dunia I wouldn’t give many fucks.

How is what I said Feminzai propaganda?

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I understand your point. Problem is, we all got into the tradition because we were told so, no one knows the other side.

As long as they keep this nonsense within their countries then hakuna shida. When Malcolm X says mzungu ndio shetani, don’t argue, just observe the things he says and does

Kutairi ni AKILI.

Why do superheroes wear panties over their tights ?

Listen! I, Paul, tell you this: If you are counting on circumcision [to make you right with God], then Christ will be of no benefit to you. Galatians 5.2

Wanasema kama umekatwa uko na chances less za kupata ukedi than uko na ngozi…also separates men from boys unless ungetamani kuwa tu kipì

Ulikatwa boss ama umeponyoka tena kisu hii mwaka?

Btw if am not wrong circumcision was already there before colonialism

This is why I always preferred the joker, dude is in a 3piece suit.

:smiley: They are trunks not panties.

This thread is about circumcision,but I’ll answer your question. The trend started with The Phantom, who wore trunks over a pink leotard. His outfit was inspired by the male circus performers of the 1930’s. Phantom’s trunks and leotard inspired the outfit of Superman, who was first published in the first issue of Action Comics in 1938. Unlike The Phantom, Superman’s blue leotard didn’t have a cowl, he instead had a red cape to match with his trunks, boots and the ‘S’ shield on the chest of the leotard… In 1939, Batman became the face of Detective Comics (now called DC Comics), the Caped Crusader donned a black leotard with a cowl like The Phantom, with flaps to imitate the ears of a bat; besides the trunks he wore a cape like Superman as well as gloves that covered his forearms. If you think about it, few Superheros besides The Phantom, Superman and Batman wear trunks, Batman stopped being portrayed as wearing them around the 80’s and DC Comics seems to be phasing out the trunks for Superman too (for example, his suit in the 2013 film Man of Steel lacked the trunks in his suit, but Superman still has them sometimes in the graphic novels).

Do you prefer trunks over your leotard Mr Retard?