Circumcision is not what it used to be

Circumcision used to have meaning and would only be done on people who were ripe of age after receiving teachings from their uncles. It’s strange that the Bantu should act like they own the procedure when history teaches us that we borrowed the tradition from the Cushites. Nowadays the Luo also get circumcised by going to medical facilities as are many other people too. Traditional circumcision is on the wane and with it, its traditional meaning. I underwent the procedure in hospital when I was 8 years old and didn’t even understand what was happening. I don’t have to bring up that shit during Jubilee-NASA conversations (or arguments) here. It’s just juvenile. The presence or lack of the prepuce has nothing to do with the thinking of a man. You would be surprised that the circumcision statistics in the western world from where we like to borrow everything are not as high yet there’s no mature conversation that degenerates into a dick ‘surgery’ contest.

Circumcised or uncircumcised, let’s fuck as we all must. Let the girl at the end of the duck be the judge of its sweetness. Fuck fuck and fuck again

Hehe… Mimi nilisema I will sue. Lazma wanirudishe vile nilikuwa. Nani alisema watu wanafaa kukatwa mahali popote.

neither is eating a mango…

Cc @Bingwa Scrotum

tradition is dead

No wonder unakuwanga na upii hivyo, kutahiriwa hosi ni kwa vipii,real men go to the river and get cut mercilessly with a knife

You couldn’t take a moment and look at the poll results, could you Mr. River banks?