Cindy nyonga na 200 is back to the streets after kuchangiwa 200k

Enyewe Kenya ni Mungu tuu. Too much drama.

You can’t save a hoe. I thought that’s common knowledge.

Cindy Nyonga na 200
What a name, hehehe

While I’ll admit to my total ignorance of who Cindy Nyonga is, I took a special interest since it was posted by @TrumanCapote him/herself no less. I’ve attempted to watch the video but couldn’t go beyond first few seconds, I don’t think its content meant for me. Something similar Ghafla sent me a notification about, title in bold Elsie Majimbo says she is rich, who the hell is that shemale? I’m I too old to catch up with all this Kardashian nonsense that’s going around ama the Kenyan populous is being fed manure day in day out.