ciku muiruri's take


What if the killer was known to the dogs/was their other master ?

@Motokubwa kuja ona kipenzi Nef

Those dogs could have been locked in a kennel way before the action began.

She’s advertising her book.

Hiyo kifua ya @Nefertities imeniua.

That’s what crossed my mind too.

Who is she and why should we care about her opinion? Ama ni hawa KTalker hujiamini wao ni wazungu?

Wanakuja … ngojea tu hapo

I truly believe the wife is innocent

Anybody who dumped the body there wanted to incriminate the wife. No sane person can dump the body in such a place after committing murder. If she did dispose the body there, then she is mentally sick, in which case she is not fit to stand trial

Anything could have happened, the wife could be stupid enough to think that since she’s in prison, kinoti can’t link this to her. Or the assassins weren’t paid well enough so they decided to teach her a lesson.

Kitabu lasima iuswe

It happens all the time around the world, bodies hidden in places where no one would think of searching! Her communications do not indicate mental illness but rather competent thought process and planning.

She had the motive and she cannot deny her own communications.

[INDENT]Wairimu had allegedly told police at the Spring Valley Station that Cohen had travelled to Thailand for urgent medical attention. Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen's body found at his city home [/INDENT]
Before he was murdered and while he was still alive, he reported this:

[INDENT]“Around midnight, as he was standing on top of the stairs leading to the garden, Wairimu suddenly pushed him down stairs, causing our client to fall and seriously injure his forehead,” Omari says. While he lay helpless on the floor bleeding, Wairimu allegedly pounced on him and pushed his head against the ground and kicked him. The man says there has been excitement to prosecute him for allegedly assaulting Wairimu despite lack of evidence. He say the intention is to soil his reputation have him deported so that his property is left with Wairimu. Ex-Philips CEO accuses estranged wife of assault [/INDENT]
While DCI did an excellent job, they turn around and shoot themselves in the foot before trial by leaking information that can only be useful to the suspects instead of using it at trial with the prosecutors. The suspects now know what to expect and can cast reasonable doubt with the information:

[INDENT]The legislator’s former husband had a solution. Investigators who talked to us on condition of anonymity said he proposed to the Cohen relation that they hire a team of assassins who would ‘help in dealing with the problem.’ The two original plotters settled on a team of four individuals. It is not clear whether they were known to them. A down payment of Sh40,000 was then made via Mpesa to the four killers still being sought. For this amount, they struck, luring Cohen to a most painful death. On the night of the murder, the plotters bound his hands and feet. There was another rope around Cohen’s neck. Detectives say this was put on him like a necklace before he was killed. The Standard - Kenya & World News | Latest and Breaking news [/INDENT]

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D but its a legit question no?? mbona anaingiliwa??

Btw, what happens to his property? Does it still pass to wairimu even if she’ll probably spend the rest of her life in jail ama it will pass to her daughter if she was legally adopted by Cohen??

Ciku is simply advertising her book

As for Sarah…she can’t be innocent

She says she installed cameras AFTER the husband “disappearance”…very fishy

Adopted kid who is wairimus biological daughter takes it all .

no. If proved that she killed cohen, the property cannot pass to her. See section 96 of Law of succession Act.

So it passes to her daughter ama…