CIA diverts Emirates Plane. France and Italy refuses to let it land.

Nothing to see here, Arabic bonobos being Arabic bonobos.



Kwani imebeba Nini ama Nani yenye mpaka France na Italy wamekaa ngumu.

France na Italy wako na tabia ya kukataa ndege kutua kwao. They did so to Evo Morales

Miguna Miguna ako wapi ?

Without any valid reason?

Si wangesema hawana mafuta ya kutosha kurudi they must land

Because you said let it land I should allow it? I love what the two nations did and it’s high time Africans purpose their own thoughts esp if you involve us as an after thought in your operations. The repurcusions might me terror attack to diplomatic spat with waarabu…na hii economy with the Russians squeezing the west you surely should choose your battles well.